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1. CJM 2014 (vol 67 pp. 942)

Roth, Oliver
Pontryagin's Maximum Principle for the Loewner Equation in Higher Dimensions
In this paper we develop a variational method for the Loewner equation in higher dimensions. As a result we obtain a version of Pontryagin's maximum principle from optimal control theory for the Loewner equation in several complex variables. Based on recent work of Arosio, Bracci and Wold, we then apply our version of the Pontryagin maximum principle to obtain first-order necessary conditions for the extremal mappings for a wide class of extremal problems over the set of normalized biholomorphic mappings on the unit ball in $\mathbb{C}^n$.

Keywords:univalent function, Loewner's equation
Categories:32H02, 30C55, 49K15

2. CJM 2009 (vol 61 pp. 566)

Graham, Ian; Hamada, Hidetaka; Kohr, Gabriela; Pfaltzgraff, John A.
Convex Subordination Chains in Several Complex Variables
In this paper we study the notion of a convex subordination chain in several complex variables. We obtain certain necessary and sufficient conditions for a mapping to be a convex subordination chain, and we give various examples of convex subordination chains on the Euclidean unit ball in $\mathbb{C}^n$. We also obtain a sufficient condition for injectivity of $f(z/\|z\|,\|z\|)$ on $B^n\setminus\{0\}$, where $f(z,t)$ is a convex subordination chain over $(0,1)$.

Keywords:biholomorphic mapping, convex mapping, convex subordination chain, Loewner chain, subordination
Categories:32H02, 30C45

3. CJM 2002 (vol 54 pp. 324)

Graham, Ian; Hamada, Hidetaka; Kohr, Gabriela
Parametric Representation of Univalent Mappings in Several Complex Variables
Let $B$ be the unit ball of $\bb{C}^n$ with respect to an arbitrary norm. We prove that the analog of the Carath\'eodory set, {\it i.e.} the set of normalized holomorphic mappings from $B$ into $\bb{C}^n$ of ``positive real part'', is compact. This leads to improvements in the existence theorems for the Loewner differential equation in several complex variables. We investigate a subset of the normalized biholomorphic mappings of $B$ which arises in the study of the Loewner equation, namely the set $S^0(B)$ of mappings which have parametric representation. For the case of the unit polydisc these mappings were studied by Poreda, and on the Euclidean unit ball they were studied by Kohr. As in Kohr's work, we consider subsets of $S^0(B)$ obtained by placing restrictions on the mapping from the Carath\'eodory set which occurs in the Loewner equation. We obtain growth and covering theorems for these subsets of $S^0(B)$ as well as coefficient estimates, and consider various examples. Also we shall see that in higher dimensions there exist mappings in $S(B)$ which can be imbedded in Loewner chains, but which do not have parametric representation.

Categories:32H02, 30C45

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