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1. CJM 1998 (vol 50 pp. 312)

Dokuchaev, Michael A.; Singer, Maria Lucia Sobral
Units in group rings of free products of prime cyclic groups
Let $G$ be a free product of cyclic groups of prime order. The structure of the unit group ${\cal U}(\Q G)$ of the rational group ring $\Q G$ is given in terms of free products and amalgamated free products of groups. As an application, all finite subgroups of ${\cal U}(\Q G)$, up to conjugacy, are described and the Zassenhaus Conjecture for finite subgroups in $\Z G$ is proved. A strong version of the Tits Alternative for ${\cal U}(\Q G)$ is obtained as a corollary of the structural result.

Keywords:Free Products, Units in group rings, Zassenhaus Conjecture
Categories:20C07, 16S34, 16U60, 20E06

2. CJM 1997 (vol 49 pp. 788)

Lichtman, A. I.
Trace functions in the ring of fractions of polycyclic group rings, II
We prove the existence of trace functions in the rings of fractions of polycyclic-by-finite group rings or their homomorphic images. In particular a trace function exists in the ring of fractions of $KH$, where $H$ is a polycyclic-by-finite group and $\char K > N$, where $N$ is a constant depending on $H$.

Categories:20C07, 16A08, 16A39

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