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1. CJM 2009 (vol 62 pp. 721)

Boocher, Adam; Daub, Michael; Johnson, Ryan K.; Lindo, H.; Loepp, S.; Woodard, Paul A.
Formal Fibers of Unique Factorization Domains
Let $(T,M)$ be a complete local (Noetherian) ring such that $\dim T\geq 2$ and $|T|=|T/M|$ and let $\{p_i\} _{i \in \mathcal I}$ be a collection of elements of T indexed by a set $\mathcal I$ so that $|\mathcal I | < |T|$. For each $i \in \mathcal{I}$, let $C_i$:={$Q_{i1}$,$\dots$,$Q_{in_i}$} be a set of nonmaximal prime ideals containing $p_i$ such that the $Q_{ij}$ are incomparable and $p_i\in Q_{jk}$ if and only if $i=j$. We provide necessary and sufficient conditions so that T is the ${\bf m}$-adic completion of a local unique factorization domain $(A, {\bf m})$, and for each $i \in \mathcal I$, there exists a unit $t_i$ of T so that $p_{i}t_i \in A$ and $C_i$ is the set of prime ideals $Q$ of $T$ that are maximal with respect to the condition that $Q \cap A = p_{i}t_{i}A$. We then use this result to construct a (nonexcellent) unique factorization domain containing many ideals for which tight closure and completion do not commute. As another application, we construct a unique factorization domain A most of whose formal fibers are geometrically regular.

Categories:13J10, 13J05

2. CJM 2008 (vol 60 pp. 721)

Adamus, J.; Bierstone, E.; Milman, P. D.
Uniform Linear Bound in Chevalley's Lemma
We obtain a uniform linear bound for the Chevalley function at a point in the source of an analytic mapping that is regular in the sense of Gabrielov. There is a version of Chevalley's lemma also along a fibre, or at a point of the image of a proper analytic mapping. We get a uniform linear bound for the Chevalley function of a closed Nash (or formally Nash) subanalytic set.

Keywords:Chevalley function, regular mapping, Nash subanalytic set
Categories:13J07, 32B20, 13J10, 32S10

3. CJM 2003 (vol 55 pp. 711)

Broughan, Kevin A.
Adic Topologies for the Rational Integers
A topology on $\mathbb{Z}$, which gives a nice proof that the set of prime integers is infinite, is characterised and examined. It is found to be homeomorphic to $\mathbb{Q}$, with a compact completion homeomorphic to the Cantor set. It has a natural place in a family of topologies on $\mathbb{Z}$, which includes the $p$-adics, and one in which the set of rational primes $\mathbb{P}$ is dense. Examples from number theory are given, including the primes and squares, Fermat numbers, Fibonacci numbers and $k$-free numbers.

Keywords:$p$-adic, metrizable, quasi-valuation, topological ring,, completion, inverse limit, diophantine equation, prime integers,, Fermat numbers, Fibonacci numbers
Categories:11B05, 11B25, 11B50, 13J10, 13B35

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