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1. CJM 2011 (vol 64 pp. 1289)

Gomes, Diogo; Serra, António
Systems of Weakly Coupled Hamilton-Jacobi Equations with Implicit Obstacles
In this paper we study systems of weakly coupled Hamilton-Jacobi equations with implicit obstacles that arise in optimal switching problems. Inspired by methods from the theory of viscosity solutions and weak KAM theory, we extend the notion of Aubry set for these systems. This enables us to prove a new result on existence and uniqueness of solutions for the Dirichlet problem, answering a question of F. Camilli, P. Loreti and N. Yamada.

Keywords:Hamilton-Jacobi equations, switching costs, viscosity solutions
Categories:35F60, 35F21, 35D40

2. CJM 2002 (vol 54 pp. 1121)

Bao, Jiguang
Fully Nonlinear Elliptic Equations on General Domains
By means of the Pucci operator, we construct a function $u_0$, which plays an essential role in our considerations, and give the existence and regularity theorems for the bounded viscosity solutions of the generalized Dirichlet problems of second order fully nonlinear elliptic equations on the general bounded domains, which may be irregular. The approximation method, the accretive operator technique and the Caffarelli's perturbation theory are used.

Keywords:Pucci operator, viscosity solution, existence, $C^{2,\psi}$ regularity, Dini condition, fully nonlinear equation, general domain, accretive operator, approximation lemma
Categories:35D05, 35D10, 35J60, 35J67

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