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1. CJM 2014 (vol 67 pp. 330)

Bernardes, Nilson C.; Vermersch, RĂ´mulo M.
Hyperspace Dynamics of Generic Maps of the Cantor Space
We study the hyperspace dynamics induced from generic continuous maps and from generic homeomorphisms of the Cantor space, with emphasis on the notions of Li-Yorke chaos, distributional chaos, topological entropy, chain continuity, shadowing and recurrence.

Keywords:cantor space, continuous maps, homeomorphisms, hyperspace, dynamics
Categories:37B99, 54H20, 54E52

2. CJM 2006 (vol 58 pp. 529)

Dijkstra, Jan J.; Mill, Jan van
On the Group of Homeomorphisms of the Real Line That Map the Pseudoboundary Onto Itself
In this paper we primarily consider two natural subgroups of the autohomeomorphism group of the real line $\R$, endowed with the compact-open topology. First, we prove that the subgroup of homeomorphisms that map the set of rational numbers $\Q$ onto itself is homeomorphic to the infinite power of $\Q$ with the product topology. Secondly, the group consisting of homeomorphisms that map the pseudoboundary onto itself is shown to be homeomorphic to the hyperspace of nonempty compact subsets of $\Q$ with the Vietoris topology. We obtain similar results for the Cantor set but we also prove that these results do not extend to $\R^n$ for $n\ge 2$, by linking the groups in question with Erd\H os space.

Keywords:homeomorphism group, real line, countable dense set, pseudoboundary, Erd\H{o}s space, hyperspace

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