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Volume 64 Number 3 (Jun 2012)

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481   Some Functional Inequalities on Polynomial Volume Growth Lie Groups
Chamorro, Diego
497   Le lemme fondamental pondéré pour le groupe métaplectique
Li, Wen-Wei
544   On the Simple Inductive Limits of Splitting Interval Algebras with Dimension Drops
Li, Zhiqiang
573   Fundamental Group of Simple $C^*$-algebras with Unique Trace III
Nawata, Norio
  Level Raising and Anticyclotomic Selmer Groups for Hilbert Modular Forms of Weight Two
Nekovář, Jan
669   The Genuine Omega-regular Unitary Dual of the Metaplectic Group
Pantano, Alessandra; Paul, Annegret; Salamanca-Riba, Susana A.
705   Pure Infiniteness of the Crossed Product of an AH-Algebra by an Endomorphism
Thomsen, Klaus

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