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Volume 61 Number 1 (Feb 2009)

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  Connected Components of Moduli Stacks of Torsors via Tamagawa Numbers
Behrend, Kai; Dhillon, Ajneet
29   The Minimal Resolution Conjecture for Points on the Cubic Surface
Casanellas, M.
50   Composition operators on $\mu$-Bloch spaces
Chen, Huaihui; Gauthier, Paul
76   Ascent Properties of Auslander Categories
Christensen, Lars Winther; Holm, Henrik
109   The Ample Cone of the Kontsevich Moduli Space
Coskun, Izzet; Harris, Joe; Starr, Jason
124   Characterizing Complete Erd\H os Space
Dijkstra, Jan J.; Mill, Jan van
141   On the Littlewood Problem Modulo a Prime
Green, Ben; Konyagin, Sergei
165   Exponents of Diophantine Approximation in Dimension Two
Laurent, Michel
190   Bounded Hankel Products on the Bergman Space of the Polydisk
Lu, Yufeng; Shang, Shuxia
205   Representations of Non-Negative Polynomials, Degree Bounds and Applications to Optimization
Marshall, M.
222   Klyachko Models for General Linear Groups of Rank 5 over a $p$-Adic Field
Nien, Chufeng

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