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Knot 221
A New Proof of The Four Colour Theorem
Ashay Dharwadker presents a new proof of the four color theorem that uses group theory and Steiner systems, illustrated using a map of Madhya Pradesh and adjoining states in India.
Knot 220
As part of the World Mathematics Year, every mathematician in the world is invited to take part in a contest!
Knot 219
BitArt, Spirolateral Series
A nice collection of spirolaterals that you can see in generation.
Knot 218
Synergetics on the Web
Kirby Urner presents an artfully presented site on Synergetics, which uses geometric metaphors to connect and organize experiences.
Knot 217
Visualising functions
Hans Lundmark shows how to use "domain coloring" in order to visualise complex analytic functions.
Knot 216
Torus Games
Jeff Weeks has created challenging games, including Tic-Tac-Toe and Chess, to play on the Torus and the Klein bottle.
Knot 215
The Prime Maze
A great game by Dr. Paulsen using prime numbers. Can you make it through the maze? Check out some of his other web-based math games.
Knot 214
The Euler Project
This site makes available in English some of the works of the great mathematician Leonhard Euler.
Knot 213
Zero Saga
Everything that you ever wanted to know about Zero!
Knot 212
The Geometry of War
An interesting virtual exhibition from The Museum of the History of Science in Oxford on the uses of geometry in the art of warfare during the Renaissance.

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