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Knot 154
Doomsday Algorithm
This page will teach you a simple algorithm to calculate mentally the day of the week corresponding to any give date. Give is a try, it's quite rewarding! The page features clear instructions, examples, and mnemonic tricks.
Knot 153
The Diet Problem
"The goal of the diet problem is to find the cheapest combination of foods that will satisfy all the daily nutritional requirements of a person. Try optimizing your own diet!"
Knot 152
The Great 1999 Challenge
This page challenges you to combine the four digits of this year with basic operators in order to obtain as many integers as possible. One can only wonder if they will hold the same challenge next year!
Knot 151
Genetic Algorithms
"The idea behind genetic algorithms is to extract optimization strategies nature uses successfully and transform them for application in mathematical optimization theory."
Knot 150
Math games at
A set of eight interactive games that involve math skills. Have fun with Math Baseball and the Shape Surveyor. Intended for kids... of all ages!
Knot 149
Geodesics at the Monkey House
A collection of pages about geodesics and the actual construction of geodesic domes. As the author says: "Doing geodesic mathematics is one thing; actually making stuff is art".
Knot 148
Plane Math
A combined lesson in basic math and aeronautics. Learn about wingshape, propulsion, and fuselage shapes, and find out how math concepts naturally occur in this context.
Knot 147
Earliest Known Uses of Some of the Words of Mathematics
"These pages attempt to show the first uses of various words used in mathematics". Find out who first coined terms such as matrix, parameter, induction, and undecagon. The list is quite exhaustive and very informative!
Knot 146
Knot Theory
A good and well-designed introduction to the mathematical concepts underlying knot theory. The site also features a glossary of knot-related terms.
Knot 145
The Pi Trivia Game
A quiz constructed from a collection of fun pi-related questions: "Finally this is your chance to pay tribute to the magnificent transcendental number that we have all grown to love! Test your knowledge of history, mathematics, and even a little physics." Try it! It's not easy...

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