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Knot 119
Metamath Solitaire
A point-and-click interface that lets you play with the axioms of the "Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory" to prove simple theorems. You might get a glimpse at how ultimately all of mathematics can be derived!
Knot 118
Maths online
Maths online (also in German) hosts a gallery of interactive multimedia learning units on different issues; this site also provides on-line tools such as calculators, integrators and function plotters.
Knot 117
Calculating Machines
This is a collection of webpages about mechanical calculating machines. You'll find sexy advertisements and juicy stories! You can also operate an 1885 adding machine.
Knot 116
Geometrical Physics
Available in both French and English, this site serves as an introduction to Physic's geometrization; many geometric and topologic concepts are explored.
Knot 115
Fractals in Science
The Center for Polymer Studies has developed a series of java-enhanced web units which explore how fundamentally random microscopic events can give rise to fractal macroscopic patterns.
Knot 114
Journal of Basketball Studies
Applying Math and Science to Basketball! This site includes articles, statistical methods used to help study basketball, basketball stats, and other basketball trivia.
Knot 113
Welcome to Lavarand
Learn how lava lamps can be used to help computersb generate nearly unbreakable codes. Includes some pretty advanced math and some very cool pictures!
Knot 112
Twin dragon applet
The address we have for this site is no longer valid. If you can help in locating this page, please contact us.
Using a Java applet, you will be
Knot 111
Sacred Geometry Discovery
The author of this site explores mathematical patterns in nature that are "symbolic of the underlying metaphysical principle of the inseparable relationship of the part to the whole." (The site requires the latest version of Java, which is downloadable at:
Knot 110
Triangle Centers
Prof. Kimberling offers descriptions, illustrations, and commentary on several classical and 20th-century triangle centers.

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