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Below is a list of all the links collected by KaBoL since it first started in 1996, in reverse chronological order. If you are looking for something specific, you might want to try our search engine.

Knot 109
Mathematical Connections
You will find some very interesting articles on this site which explore the relationship between mathematics and the arts, anthropology, history, literature, philosophy, music and religion.
Knot 108
The Garden of ORIGAMI
This site looks at mathematics, history, and design as it relates to paper folding and contains many links to other origami resources. Start your journey by clicking on "Fly-Over".
Knot 107
A little mathematical puzzle: your goal is to recover a disordered photo by finding the inverse affine transformation. It is also available in English.
Knot 106
Exactly How Is Math Used In Technology?
Very nicely organized examples of how different areas of math are used in various areas of technology. Most topics include questions and solutions.
Knot 105
Life by Numbers
The address we have for this site is no longer valid. If you can help in locating this page, please contact us.
A prime time television series that puts a spot light on ... mathematics! This is a website that provides a preview of what the series will be like; it includes segments on the uses of mathematics in sports, entertainment, communications, global economics, local politics, medical research, cartography and oceanography.
Knot 104
Favorite Mathematical Constants
This site is a previous winner, which somehow became a missing link. This week we braid it back into our collection.
Knot 103
Famous Equations and Inequalities
A collection of particularily important and intriguing equations. Also, check out Peter Alfeld's Home Page for some great Interactive applets.
Knot 102
Paul Bourke: Geometry
This geometry page is part of Paul Bourke's impressive site. There are lots of little gems to be found here!
Knot 101
Selected Topics in Mathematics
Together with students at the University of Alberta, Felynx Cougati has put together a library of interactive and multimedia math materials. Topics include: Space and Dimension, Algebraic Topology, and Linear Maps.
Knot 100
Mathematicians of the African Diaspora
This site includes profiles of black mathematicians as well as a history exhibiting the accomplishments of the peoples of Africa and the African Diaspora within the Mathematical Sciences.

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