Canadian Mathematical Society
National Educational Fora

The Canadian Mathematical Society will hold a national educational forum in Montreal on May 16-18 2003 in UQAM (Montreal). This forum will be followed by a second one in Ontario in 2004.

These meetings will bring together about 200 people from all provinces and territories representing the different groups with interest in and impact on mathematical education in middle and high school (Grades 6-12).

The first meeting will be an opportunity to compare issues and best practices across the country. It should also identify those issues on which subgroups can prepare more detailed findings to be presented at the second meeting. These findings should be published both electronically and in print and should be distributed widely.

Scientific chairs:

Local organizing committee:

Louis Charbonneau, chair (, Pierre Bouchard (, Manzoor Ahmad (, Département de Mathématiques, UQAM.

There will be translation for the plenary activities (panels, plenary lectures and presentations). The working groups will be held in French or English, or even be bilingual if some participants prefer.

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