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Call for Manuscripts - ATOM
A Taste Of Mathematics

The booklets in the series, ATOM, are designed as enrichment materials for high school students with an interest in and aptitude for mathematics. Some booklets in the series will also cover the materials useful for mathematical competitions.

So far, fifteen volumes have been published:

  • Volume I, Problems from the Olympiad Correspondence Program;
  • Volume II, Algebra - Intermediate Methods;
  • Volume III, Inequalities;
  • Volume IV, Problems for Mathematics Leagues;
  • Volume V, Combinatorial Explorations;
  • Volume VI, Problems for Mathematics Leagues II;
  • Volume VII, Problems of the Week;
  • Volume VIII, Problems for Mathematics Leagues III;
  • Volume IX, The CAUT Problems;
  • Volume X, Modular Arithmetic;
  • Volume XI, Problems for Junior Mathematics Leagues;
  • Volume XII, Transformational Geometry;
  • Volume XIII, Quadratics and Complex Numbers;
  • Volume XIV, Sequences and Series;
  • Volume XV, Géométrie plane, avec des nombres (in French only).

The Editorial Board is interested in receiving proposals for future volumes, either as a specific proposal or as a manuscript. Submitters should note that the booklets are relatively short, not exceeding 64 pages in length.

All proposals and manuscripts should be sent to:

Alistair Lachlan, Editor-in-Chief

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