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CMS Appoints New Executive Director

Johan Rudnick At the June 5th meeting of the Canadian Mathematical Society Board of Directors in St. John’s, the Board approved the appointment of Johan Rudnick as the new national Executive Director and Secretary of the CMS, effective July 15, 2009. To facilitate the transition of responsibilities Graham Wright has kindly agreed to stay on and assist and advise Johan, as Executive Consultant, on a part-time basis until December 31.

Johan brings to the position a wide range of executive experience at the local, regional and national level across the federal government, including operations, organizational development, and corporate secretary support to boards and committees. As a volunteer, Johan is chair of a regional arts and community centre that also hosts Ottawa’s Lumière Festival that attracts 10,000 visitors each year. Johan holds a B. Arch. from Carleton and an MBA from Queen’s University. He is a recipient of a number of public service excellence awards, including a national Queen’s Golden Jubilee medal.

As someone who is neither an academic nor a mathematician, Johan recognizes that he has a unique learning curve ahead to understand the complexities of the CMS and the warm welcome afforded him in St. John’s was an excellent start. “As a core science that underlies all that we do, advancing mathematics advances the lives of all Canadians,” he said. “Mathematics is a public interest that needs to be better understood and supported. Having worked on public interest issues for many years, advancing mathematics and the good works of the CMS is a cause that I am privileged to be involved with.”

In the midst of the economic downturn, the CMS is facing pressing challenges to retain and grow our membership, strengthen our partnerships and sponsorship base, and address the emerging opportunities of the electronic publishing environment. Johan’s appointment will help the Society address those challenges while maintaining a high level of support and services to our members.

Anthony To-Ming Lau
CMS President

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