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Initial Slate and Call for additional nominations (2009 Elections)

The Nominating Committee wishes to announce its initial list of candidates for the 2009 elections. Each candidate named has agreed to stand for the position indicated and to furnish the committee with the biographical information requested.

Further nominations are sought and will be accepted by the Nominating Committee provided:

  1. that each such person is supported in writing by at least five other members of the Society;
  2. that the person has given written acceptance to stand for office and to supply the biographical information which will be requested by the Nominating Committee and
  3. that the information sought in (i) and (ii) is received by March 2, 2009.

Additional nominations together with supporting materials should be sent to the address below:

Nominating Committee Chair
Canadian Mathematical Society
1785 Alta Vista Drive, Suite 105,
Ottawa, Ontario K1G 3Y6

Initial Slate:

  • Executive Committee
    • President Elect (2009-2010), President (2010-2012), Past President (2012-2013) :
      • Jacques Hurtubise (McGill)

    • Vice Presidents(2009-2011)
      • Atlantic Provinces:
        • Cathy Baker (Mount Alison)
      • Quebec:
        • Pengfei Guan (McGill)
      • Ontario:
        • Kumar Murty (Toronto)
      • Western Provinces and Territories:
        • Michael Lamoureux (Calgary)
  • Board of Directors (2009-2013)
    • Atlantic (2 to be elected)
      • Tim Alderson (UNB -St John)
      • Shannon Fitzpatrick (UPEI)
      • Hugh Thomas (UNB Fredericton)
    • Quebec (2 to be elected)
      • Virginie Charette (Sherbrooke)
      • Chantal David (Concordia)
      • Bernard Hodgson (Laval)
    • Ontario (3 to be elected)
      • Jim Colliander (Toronto)
      • Brian Forrest (Waterloo)
      • Maung Min-Oo (McMaster)
      • Stephen Watt (Western)
    • West (3 to be elected)
      • Martin Barlow (UBC)
      • Gerald Cliff (Alberta)
      • Paul Tupper (SFU)
      • Shelly Wismath (Lethbridge)
    • At large (1 to be elected)
      • Jerry Bona (Chicago Circle)

Continuing Members:

The members elected in 2007 and continuing on the Board of Directors until June 30, 2011 are:

  • Atlantic
    • Roman Smirnov (Dalhousie)
    • Xiaoqiang Zhao (Memorial)
  • Quebec
    • Octav Cornea (Montréal)
    • Vojkan Jaksic (McGill)
  • Ontario
    • Nantel Bergeron (York)
    • Anna Lawniczak (Guelph)
    • Gregory Smith (Queen’s)
  • West
    • Christopher Bose (Victoria)
    • Clifton Cunningham (Calgary)
    • Douglas Farenick (Regina)
  • At large
    • Alan Dow (North Carolina)

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