ATOM Volume XVI: Recurrence Relations

Over the years, Iliya Bluskov has collected a huge number of nice problems and solutions on various topics in Mathematics and this publication represents a part of this collection. The publication is written partly as an introductory text, and partly as a book about method of solving, and generally ordered in increasing level of difficulty. The book should be fully accessible to high school students, and parts of it to even younger students and can be used for preparation for mathematical competitions, but it can be useful in preparation for any future work in mathematics. It can be also used by teachers who work on preparation of students for competitions, and by instructors who teach any course that covers recurrence relations.

The problems in this text are from a vast number of sources; ranging from problems proposed by Iliya Bluskov for various competitions or from his class work in relevant courses, problems that were proposed by not used for competitions, or problems from actual competitions such as Olympiads, regional, national and international competitions, and also journal competition problems or proposals ranging from quite obscure and unknown to some classic problems from texts or well-known competition problems.