Nomination information

The CMS Fellows program recognises CMS members who have made excellent contributions to mathematical research, teaching, or exposition; as well as having distinguished themselves in service to Canada’s mathematical community. In exceptional cases, outstanding contributions to one of the below areas may be recognised by fellowship.

  • Making significant contributions to the profession and to the Canadian mathematical community.
  • Increasing the relevance and visibility of the CMS.
Nominations are currently closed.
Nominations for the Fellows of the CMS 2025 will be accepted beginning January 1.

For a nomination to be complete, all nomination requirements listed below should be included. A CMS member may nominate a maximum of two Fellows in a calendar year. Nominations will remain active for three years; nominations that are not selected will remain active for a further two years.

Nomination Requirements

Each nomination must provide the following documents:

  • contact information for the Nominee,
  • a Curriculum Vita of the Nominee of not more than five pages,
  • a statement of not more than 500 words that explains how the Nominee meets the selection criteria,
  • a citation of not more than 75 words that explains the Nominee’s accomplishments,
  • the contact information and signatures of the principal Nominator as well as two additional CMS members not on the Selection Committee who support the nomination, with at least one of these supporting individuals being a current Fellow. Each supporting individual is asked to explain in a sentence or two why they are supporting the nomination.



To be eligible for nomination as a Fellow, the individual being nominated must be a CMS member for the year during which they are nominated and have been a member for at least one year prior.


To be eligible as a Nominator, a current year CMS membership is required. A member can serve in the role of Nominator for no more than two (2) nominees in a calendar year. Members of the Fellows Selection Committee may not participate in a nomination. Self-nominations are not permitted.

Supporting Member:

Each nomination must additionally be supported by two current CMS members who are not on the Fellow Selection Committee, and at least one of these supporting members being a current Fellow.



The nomination requirements listed above should be included in a nomination in order to be a complete nomination. A CMS member may nominate a maximum of two Fellows in a calendar year.

The CMS aims to promote and celebrate diversity in the broadest sense. We strongly encourage you to put forward nominations for outstanding colleagues regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

Nominations should be submitted electronically, preferably in PDF format, to before the deadline above.