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Notes from the Margin

Here is the first issue (vol.1 - Winter 2011) of our new publication Notes from the Margin !


Notes from the Margin is a semi-annual publication produced by the CMS Student Committee that contains important information for Canadian mathematics students. It is distributed to all mathematics departments across Canada.

For any comments about the newsletter, please contact our student editor at .

Newsletter Archive

The newsletters archived below were mailed to math departments across Canada.

The Student Mathematical Communicator (vol. 1 to vol.13)
Fall 2010 issue (vol. 13): pdf
Winter 2010 issue (vol.12): pdf

Winter 2008 issue (vol.11): pdf

Summer 2007 issue (vol.10): pdf

November 2006 issue (vol. 9): pdf

Spring 2006 issue (vol. 8): pdf

Spring 2005 issue (vol. 7): pdf

October 2003 issue (vol. 7): pdf

March 2003 issue (vol. 6): pdf

January 2003 issue (vol. 5): pdf

December 2002 issue (vol. 4): pdf

March 2002 issue (vol. 3): (jpeg images) Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4

March 2001 issue (vol. 2): html, pdf, postscript, or dvi.

October 2001 issue (vol. 1): pdf, postscript

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