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Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Studc coordinates the annual Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference. Last conference was the 17th annual CUMC and was at the University of Waterloo. Next year's conference will be the 18th annual CUMC and will be at Université Laval.
For more information, check out the CUMC website.
Past Meetings
2010: University of Waterloo
2009: Carleton University
2008: University of Toronto
2007: Simon Fraser University
2006: McGill University
2005: Queen's University
2004: Dalhousie University
2003: York University
2002: University of Calgary
2001: Université Laval
2000: McMaster University
1999: Memorial University of Newfoundland
1998: University of British Columbia
1997: Université de Montréal
1996: University of Waterloo
1995: University of Manitoba
1994: McGill University

Are you interested in hosting the next CUMC at your university? If so, please come out to Waterloo next summer and make a bid. There, participants will vote on where they would like to have the next CUMC held.

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