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The Math in Moscow program has been suspended for 2015.

Canadian undergraduate mathematics or computer science majors may apply for a special scholarship to cover a significant portion of the costs associated with attendance at a one- semester program "Math in Moscow" at the Independent University of Moscow. There will be two competitions a year. One scholarship will be awarded in the fall competition and two at the spring competition. The funding will be provided by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and the Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) and will be administered by CMS. The amount of the scholarships is $9,000.

Applicants must apply to BOTH the Math in Moscow program and to the Math in Moscow Scholarship program in order to be eligible for a scholarship. Deadlines and schedules for upcoming semesters are given on the Math in Moscow website:

The scholarship application is available below. All applicants will be notified by mail after final decisions are made on the scholarships. The decisions will be made within 30 days of the deadline. Any student getting a scholarship must provide a report on their experience in Moscow at the end of their session.

Math in Moscow

The Independent University of Moscow (IUM) is a small, elite institution of higher learning focusing primarily on mathematics. It was founded in 1991 at the initiative of a group of well- known Russian research mathematicians, who now comprise the Academic Council of the University.

Recently, the Independent University of Moscow created a new program, offering foreign undergraduate students specializing in mathematics and/or computer science the chance to spend a semester in Moscow studying within its MATH in MOSCOW program.

The main feature of the Russian tradition of teaching mathematics has always been the development of a creative approach to studying mathematics from the outset, the emphasis being on problem solving rather than memorizing theorems. Indeed, for the Independent University, discovering mathematics under the guidance of an experienced teacher is the central principle of its program, and the MATH in MOSCOW program emphasizes in-depth understanding of carefully selected material rather than broad surveys of large quantities of material. Even in the treatment of the most traditional subjects, students are helped to explore significant connections with contemporary research topics. This is possible because most of the program's teachers are internationally recognized research mathematicians, and all of them have considerable teaching experience in English, typically in the U.S. or Canada. (All instruction is in English.)

The MATH in MOSCOW program will provide a fifteen-week-long research experience for students, not only with other mathematically talented and highly motivated undergraduates but with some of the world's leading mathematicians as well. They will also have contact with the Russian culture and language.

Application for Math in Moscow Scholarship

To apply, you must fill an application for a NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA) (Form 202 at and send a paper copy of it, together with answers to the following questions to:

Math in Moscow Scholarships
Canadian Mathematical Society
209 - 1725 St. Laurent Blvd.
Ottawa, ON  K1G 3V4

No application can be sent by e-mail.

Ask your referees (at least two) to send reference letters to the above address, or to the e-mail address:

DEADLINES: The Math in Moscow program has been suspended for 2015.


  1. List the college math (and/or computer science) courses you will have taken before going to Moscow.
  2. Describe your special experiences that are linked to your studies and career plans.
  3. Do you have any knowledge of the Russian language? Do you intend to study Russian in Moscow?
  4. Discuss how the Math in Moscow program may help your development as a mathematics or computer science student, and how it may fit in with your future plans (for instance, graduate study). If you have selected certain courses for study in Moscow, list them here.
  5. List the two individuals who have been asked to write a reference for you. We will expect to receive copies of these letters from the writers by the deadline. If one of these individuals is your advisor, please indicate that.
  6. You should have a valid passport or be in the process of getting one. The passport number will be needed to receive the scholarship.
  7. Send your latest official transcript.
  8. Verify that part 2 of Form 202 is fully filled out and signed by all applicable parties.


The following rules of the NSERC USRA are adjusted for applicants to the NSERC-CMS Math in Moscow Scholarships:

  1. The requirement for students to hold their USRA in Canada is waived.
  2. Students having held one USRA during the Summer are eligible to hold a USRA as part of a NSERC-CMS Math in Moscow. However, students may hold a maximum of three USRAs throughout their university career; therefore students who have already held three USRAs are not eligible.
  3. On the NSERC Form 202 students do not need to write a research project, in the box for the Proposed Research Project: they can only write that they intend to do to Math in Moscow.


Students should advise their department that they apply to the Math in Moscow program. If several students from the same department apply CMS will ask the department to rank them.


  1. Research aptitude of the candidate
  2. Excellence of students' academic record
  3. Leadership abilities
  4. Communications skills
  5. Motivation of the student

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