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No opportunity for appeal.

The Task Force considered the possibility of an appeals process, but decided against this. There were a number of grounds. We are concerned with our ability to construct a process that would be seen to be fair. We are concerned with the limited ability of the CMS to administer such an appeals process, especially at this early date when we do not know how many proposals we can expect in any given year. We further believe that an appeals process may be unnecessary when there is an opportunity to reapply in a year's time. On the other hand, we do want the community and the applicants to be encouraged to write the members of the EGC, the Executive and/or the Board with their comments. It may or may not be possible for the EGC to provide feedback to individuals on the structure and/or suitability of their proposals. This seems to depend upon the number of applications received.

We recommend this issue be revisited upon the review of the EGC.


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