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What we may fund

Course buy-outs and travel costs may be permissible in some circumstances as part of a larger project. However, if a proposal poses a course buy-out(s) explicit written permission for this from the appropriate administrator should accompany the proposal. Subsidizing undergraduate mathematics conferences is permissible, for example to permit the conference to fund some student travel. Funding support for mathematics camps or the like is permissible. Some support for conferences and visitors is permissible. Summer salaries for undergraduates are permissible as part of a larger proposal. However, NSERC now funds summer research students at all insitutions, so we would not expect the EGC to fund this form of activity.

The Task Force does not favour funding regular special sessions at CMS meetings through the EGC, but it may be appropriate to fund extended sessions or satellite meetings held in connection with a CMS meeting via the EGC.


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