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The recipients of the
G. de B. Robinson Prize

The G. de B. Robinson Award was inaugurated to recognize the publication of excellent papers in the Canadian Journal of Mathematics and the Canadian Mathematical Bulletin and to encourage the submission of the highest quality papers to these journals. The first award was presented for papers that appeared in the Canadian Journal of Mathematics in 1994-1995.


2010 Wilhelm Winter University of Nottingham CJM 2008-2009
2010 Andrew Toms Purdue University CJM 2008-2009
2009 Klaus Thomsen Aarhus University CMB 2007-2008
2009 Vladimir Manuilov Moscow State University CMB 2007-2008
2008 Nikolai Nadirashvili CNRS (Marseille) CJM 2006-2007
2008 Iosif Polterovich Montreal CJM 2006-2007
2008 Dmitry Jakobson McGill CJM 2006-2007
2007 Ronald van Luijk Simon Fraser and British Columbia CMB 2005-2006
2006 Malcolm Harper Champlain College CJM 2004-2005
2005 Yu-Ru Liu Waterloo CMB 2003-2004
2004 Victor Havin St. Petersburg CJM 2002-2003
2004 Javad Mashreghi Laval CJM 2002-2003
2003 James Arthur Toronto CMB 2001-2002
2002 Ted Chinburg Pennsylvania CJM 2000-2001
2002 Manfred Kolster McMaster CJM 2000-2001
2002 Victor Snaith Southampton CJM 2000-2001
2001 Patrick Gilmer Louisiana State CMB 1999-2000
2000 Ravi Vakil Massachusetts Institute of Technology CJM 1998-1999
1999 Not Awarded     1997-1998
1998 Ranee Brylinski Pennsylvania State CJM 1996-1997
1997 Jason Levy Ottawa CMB 1995-1996
1996 Henri R. Darmon McGill CJM 1994-1995
1996 Steven N. Evans California, Berkley CJM 1994-1995
1996 Edwin A. Perkins UBC CJM 1994-1995
2011 Hugh Thomas New Brunswick    
2011 Alexander Yong Illinois    
2012 Benoît Collins Ottawa    
2012 Mireille Capitaine CNRS    
2012 Serban Belinschi Queens    
2012 Teodor Banica Toulouse    
2013 Kenneth Davidson Waterloo    
2013 Alex Wright Chicago    
2014 Jonathan Borwein University of Newcastle    
2014 Armin Straub University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign    
2014 James Wan Singapore University of Technology and Design    
2014 Wadim Zudilin University of Newcastle    
2014 Jan Nekovář Université Pierre et Marie Curie    
2015 Philippe Gille Institut Camille Jordan (Université Claude Bernard)    
2016 John E. McCarthy Washington University, St. Louis    
2016 Jim Agler University of California, San Diego    
2017 Alan Beardon Cambridge    
2018 Anastasia Stavrova St Petersburg State University    
2018 Patrick Ingram York University    


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