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Terms and Conditions of Membership

CMS membership is based on calendar year, from January to December.

A CMS member remains in good standing if they renew their membership no later than March 31 of the current year.

Each CMS member will have a unique ID number and an online portal account that they can access member benefits throughout their membership.

Membership rates

  • All Membership rates are non-taxable.
  • For Non-Canadian addresses payment is required in U.S. funds.
  • Rates are subject to change without notice.
  • Membership fees can be paid in advance for up to 3 years to secure the current year’s rate, with the exception of New Member category which can be paid up to 5 years in advance.
  • A receipt is sent by email after processing is complete and can be used towards your NSERC grants or may be claimed on your Canadian tax return as professional fees.

Membership Categories

When renewing or applying for membership, you must select the most appropriate category that defines your current situation.

New Member Category: This category was created to give a new member the opportunity to secure a low rate for a 5-year commitment; 50% of regular fees. This commitment can be paid up front for all 5 years or paid yearly. Any disruption in concurrent payments, the regular rate for membership will be owed for the year(s) of paid membership. A new member is considered someone who has never been a member of CMS before. Once the 5-year commitment is completed, your category of membership will be as a regular member and the fee based on your professional annual salary.

For all other category definitions, please see Categories.

Displaying Member Information

All information provided in the shaded fields of the database information area of the online form is published in the CMS Membership Directory on the Website. Any member who wishes to be excluded from the membership directory must indicate this on the renewal or application form.

Membership Cancellation

Cancellations for membership are accepted before March 1 of the current year. Refunds will be issued, less a $50.00 administrative charge per cancellation, and the cost of any issues already shipped, or pro-rated for online-only subscriptions.

Payment Methods

  • Payment may be made by cheque, money order, bank draft, VISA or MasterCard.
  • The CMS does not accept wire transfers.
  • Those with Canadian mailing addresses must remit in Canadian dollars and those with non-Canadian addresses must remit in US dollars.
  • For clients using VISA or MasterCard, a Canadian-US calculation will be done based on the current exchange rate.
  • When completing the form, please include all applicable shipping & handling charges and taxes if ordering publications, and send it to the appropriate address for CMS.
  • When paying by credit card, please make sure to include the cardholder name, card number and expiration date and the cardholder signature.

For more information on CMS membership, please contact the CMS Membership department at

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