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Individual Membership in the CMS

Individual membership is based on the calendar year, from January through December.

Categories of memberships

The Canadian Mathematical Society has several member categories for all types of individuals, whether you are a professional mathematician, student, retired or even residing outside of Canada, there is a category that will meet your needs for membership in supporting Canadian mathematics.

Why do mathematicians and math enthusiasts become CMS members?

CMS Member and Educator Professor Harley Weston
  • To help shape the future of math research in Canada
  • To improve math education in Canada
  • For discounted rates for CMS research meetings
  • For discounted subscriptions to journals
  • For networking opportunities
  • To qualify for endowment grants
  • For access to lower rates at reciprocal societies, like the AMS

How do members promote the goals of the Society?

Individual members have an opportunity to promote the goals of the Society by participating in several areas of CMS programs, such as: volunteering their time and expertise; engaging in CMS committees and editorial boards; and attending our bi-annual research meetings.

The contribution of all CMS members allows us to promote the application of math in Canadian industry; to support math outreach; and by helping support math enrichment opportunities. This will ensure that we, all together, sustain mathematics now and for future generations.

If you are not a CMS member, please consider all the above and we encourage you to

Join the CMS today!

For more information on CMS membership, please contact the CMS Membership department at

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