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Member Directory

The Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) has a new and improved Online Member Directory accessible only to CMS members.

In response to the evolving privacy requirements in Canada and around the world, and the need to protect member information, the CMS has launched a new Online Members-Only Directory. This directory has replaced the previous online directory and the Combined Membership List that was hosted by the American Mathematical Society and is now discontinued.

The Directory is only accessible as a CMS member benefit on the password-protected membership portal. Members use their CMS portal login to access the directory and perform member searches (Search Member Directory).

When using the CMS portal, members can access and update their profile information or choose to edit their directory listing without changing the information in their account profile. The Manage Directory Listings feature will give members more options to personalize and choose which fields are visible in their directory listing (for example: a picture can be added or additional fields of interests can be chosen for the directory only).

For more information on CMS membership, please contact the CMS Membership department at

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