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Here are the people that have worked as linkmasters for KaBoL, bringing you weekly knots in the braid:

Olivier Lafleur took over as Kabol linkmaster in September 2007, while serving as the Student Webmaster for the CMS's Student Committee web site. Originally from Lévis, Québec, Olivier was doing his undergraduate degree in mathematics at Université de Sherbrooke. He spent a summer doing undergraduate research in geometry, and was involved with Sherbrooke's Math Club. Olivier's interests in mathematics are principally in geometry and algebra, but he is also quite interested in computer science and music.
Marcus Emmanuel Barnes, a long time fan of KaBoL, started adding new links to the braid in December 2005, while studying the history of mathematics at Simon Fraser University. He continued as linkmaster until September 2007. He is interested in mathematics and its applications.
Nathalie Sinclair took over the reigns from Bob Rosebrugh in September 1996 until she started her PhD at Queen's in September 1998. And she missed it so much that she bribed Fred during the summer of 1999 into handing linkmaster duties back over, at least until he can find some pretty feet!
Frédéric Tessier kept KaBoL going between October 1998 and July 1999, adding weekly cool math links to the braid. He also undertook an overhaul of KaBoL's look and designed most of the current interface.
Bob Rosebrugh enjoyed his stint with Kabol in 1996 - a nice break from research and classroom teaching. While not surfing math sites, he is the Editor of Theory and Applications of Categories and Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Mount Allison University. His mathematical interests include higher dimensional category theory and applications to theoretical computer science.

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