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The Fellowship recognises CMS members who have made excellent contributions to mathematical research, teaching, or exposition; as well as having distinguished themselves in service to Canada’s mathematical community. In exceptional cases, outstanding contributions to one of the below areas may be recognised by fellowship.

Goals of the Fellows program:

  • To recognise mathematicians who have made significant contributions to the profession and to the Canadian mathematical community.
  • To create an honour that will make mathematicians more competitive when being compared to colleagues from other academic disciplines.
  • To support the advancement of mathematicians to leadership positions within their own organisations and the broader society.
  • To increase the relevance and visibility of the CMS.

Responsibilities of a CMS Fellow:

  • To maintain CMS membership,
  • To take part in the selection of new Fellows,
  • To be ambassadors for excellence in the mathematics profession, and
  • To advise the CMS Executive Committee and CMS Board of Directors on public matters when requested.

For a full list of CMS Fellows, please click here.

Fellows receive a certificate and their names are listed on the CMS website as long as they maintain membership. The names of new Fellows are included in the CMS Notes each year. Individuals may decline an invitation to become a Fellow, and Fellows may resign at any time. Upon retirement, a Fellow becomes a “Fellow Emeritus”.

Eligibility of CMS Fellows:

To be eligible for nomination to CMS Fellowship, an individual must be a CMS member for the year in which he or she is nominated as well as for the prior year.

If not already a Fellow, the CMS President-elect is made a Fellow upon election.

Recipients of the following CMS awards shall automatically be invited to become Fellows: the David Borwein Distinguished Career Award and the Graham Wright Award for Distinguished Service.

Recipients of the following CMS awards, who have also served the CMS as Vice-president or Chair of a CMS Committee (not including sub-committees), shall automatically be invited to become Fellows: the Adrien Pouliot Award, the Excellence in Teaching Award, the Jeffery-Williams Prize, the Krieger-Nelson Prize, and the Coxeter-James Prize.

Important Dates:

  • Between February 1 and March 31: Nominations solicited for the next selection of CMS Fellows.

  • June 30: the Fellows Selection Committee determines selection of the new CMS Fellows. The list of 2019 second Inaugural Class of Fellows to be made public on the CMS website.

  • In December: Recognition of new CMS Fellows to take place during the banquet at the CMS Winter Meeting.

Selection Process

The following describes the process that will be in place after the first two inaugural years of the Fellowship (2018 and 2019).

The selection process is managed by the CMS Executive Director. New Fellows are selected each year by a Selection Committee (see below) after a nomination process. The procedures for nominating Fellows are made available on the CMS website.

The Selection Committee accepts nominations for Fellows between February 1 and March 31 each year. Any current member of the CMS not on the Selection Committee may make a nomination. Self-nominations are not permitted. A CMS member may nominate a maximum of two Fellows in a calendar year.

Click here to learn how to make or support a nomination for fellowship.

The Selection Committee will consist of five (non-Emeritus) Fellows who are current CMS members, each serving a two-year term, with at least two new members appointed each year. The CMS Executive Committee appoints the new members of the Selection Committee in November of each year. At the same time, they appoint a continuing member of the Selection Committee to serve as Chair.

Each year the CMS Executive Committee provides a guideline for the number of Fellows to be selected. The Selection Committee chooses Fellows by June 30, from the nominations, bearing in mind this guideline, diversity of every kind, and the quality and quantity of the nominations.

Those members who are chosen by the Selection Committee are invited by the CMS President to become new Fellows of the CMS. Any person who is nominated and is not selected a Fellow will remain an active nominee for a further two years.

Implementation of Inaugural Class (2 years, 2018 and 2019)

The inaugural class will include all individuals who are members of the CMS in the current year and the prior year, and satisfy at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Have received the David Borwein Distinguished Career Award.
  2. Have received the Distinguished Service Award or Graham Wright Award for Distinguished Service since 1945.
  3. Have received the Adrien Pouliot Award, the Jeffery-Williams Prize, the Krieger-Nelson Prize, the Coxeter-James Prize, or the CMS Excellence in Teaching Award since 1945; and have served the CMS as Vice-President or Chair of a CMS Committee (not sub-committee).
  4. Have been a President of the CMS.

The CMS President in consultation with the Executive Committee and the Chair of the Nominating Committee may select up to an additional 15 individuals to become Fellows in the inaugural class.

From this inaugural class the Executive Committee will appoint three members to the Selection Committee.

In the following year, for the second inaugural class, the CMS President in consultation with the Selection Committee (of three inaugural Fellows) and the Executive Committee and the Chair of the Nominating Committee will select 15 more Fellows. The names of these new Fellows will be announced before June 30th of the 2nd year of the programme.

The Executive Committee will appoint from among the Fellows two more members to the Selection Committee, and appoint one of the continuing members as the Selection Committee’s chair.

The selection of Fellows starting from the third year onwards will proceed as described above in the section entitled “Selection Process”.

For more information on CMS Fellowship, please contact:

Prof. Mark Lewis
CMS President

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