2017 CMS Winter Meeting

Waterloo, December 8 - 11, 2017


Explicit Finiteness of Integral Points on Hyperbolic Curves
Org: David McKinnon and Jerry Wang (University of Waterloo)

LEVENT ALPOGE, Princeton University

MIKE BENNET, University of British Columbia

NILS BRUIN, Simon Fraser University

IMIN CHEN, Simon Fraser University

ADELA GHERGA, University of British Columbia

NATHAN GRIEVE, Michigan State University

JOSEPH GUNTHER, City University of New York

AVI KULKARNI, Simon Fraser Unversity

AARON LEVIN, Michigan State University

BETH MALMSKOG, Villanova University

JACKSON MORROW, Emory University

ARUL SHANKAR, University of toronto

Integer Points on Curves and Density of Points on Curves Modulo p  [PDF]

We show links between explicit bounds on the number of integer points on curves and bounds on the number of solutions to polynomial congruences that fall in a small box. In particular, we discuss some applications of the Bombieri-Pila bound and outline several open problems.


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