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Scientific Report of the CMS Winter Meeting 2001
December 8-10, 2001
Toronto Colony Hotel, Toronto, Ontario
Tom Salisbury, Meeting Director

The 2001 Winter Meeting of the Canadian Mathematical Society was held December 8-10, 2001 at the Toronto Colony Hotel, Toronto, Ontario. It was hosted by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics of York University and attracted 269 participants.

Organizers included Tom Salisbury (York) - Meeting Director, Juris Steprans (York) - Chair, Local Organizing Committee, Stan Kochman (York), Nantel Bergeron (York), and Monique Bouchard (CMS), along with all the session organizers listed below.

Funding was received from the Canadian Mathematical Society, the National Program Committee (Fields/CRM/PIMS), the Dean of Arts, York University, and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, York University. A grant from the National Program Committee provided the funding for two of the special sessions ("Industrial Mathematics", organized by Huaxiong Huang; "Moonshine", organized by Chris Cummins). NPC funds were also used for the support of graduate students attending the meeting.

The meeting included eight special sessions and nine plenary lectures (including one public lecture and two prize lectures). In addition, four satellite conferences were planned in conjunction with the meeting.

Plenary speakers (including prize and public lecturers):

Kai Behrend (UBC) - CMS Coxeter-James Lecture
Martin Golubitsky (University of Houston)
Katherine Heinrich (University of Regina)
Nathan Ng (University of Georgia) - CMS Doctoral Prize Lecture
John Ockendon (Oxford University)
Arturo Pianzola (University of Alberta)
David Pimm (University of Alberta)
Richard Schoen (Stanford University)
Dan Voiculescu (University of California, Berkeley).

Sessions and organizers:

Dynamics and Symmetry (Bill Langford, Jianhong Wu)
Free Probability (Alexandruu Nica)
History of Mathematics (Richard O'Lander and Ronald Sklar)
Industrial Mathematics (Huaxiong Huang)
Kac-Moody Lie Theory and Generalizations (Nantel Bergeron, Yun Gao, Geanina Tudose)
Moonshine (Christopher Cummins)
Nonlinear and Geometric Analysis (Robert McCann and Jochen Denzler)
Mathematical Education (Pat Rogers, Kathy Kubota-Zarivnij, Walter Whiteley)
Contributed Papers (Stanley Kochman)

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