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CMS Mathematics Education Sessions
Sunday, 9 December, 2001

Session A (10:30-12:00)
Questions explored

This session is designed to stimulate discussion with mathematics educators on questions we have about our teaching and student learning. Participants will include both mathematicians and mathematics educators. Mathematicians are invited to describe key questions they have and to outline what led to the question and what impact an answer to the question might have. Mathematics educators are invited to offer ideas for how to find answers to the questions, including ways to build collaborations with mathematics educators.
10:30   On teaching geometry: Walter Whiteley (York University)
10:50 On doing action research: Kathy Kubota-Zarivnji (Toronto Catholic District School Board, York University)
11:10 On a problems course: Mike Dawes (UWO)
11:30 On teaching linear algebra: David Poole (Trent)
11:50 General Discussion

Session B (4:00-6:00)
Answers sought

This interactive session is designed to stimulate discussion among mathematicians and mathematics educators centred around specific questions that mathematicians have about their teaching and/or student learning, and where the exploration of those questions has led.

Discussion facilitator: Pat Rogers* (Windsor)

Participants include: Stewart Craven (Toronto District School Board), Mike Dawes (UWO), Stan Kochman (York), Bradd Hart (Fields Institute Associate Director and McMaster), Kathy Heinrich (Regina), Kathy Kubota-Zarivnji (Toronto Catholic Separate School Board and York), Miroslav Lovric (McMaster), Neal Madras (York), Morris Orzech (Queens), David Pimm (Alberta), John Poland (Carleton), Margaret Sinclair (York), Christine Suurtamm (York), Peter Taylor (Queens).

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