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At CMS99 there will be symposia, with the indicated organizers, in the following areas.

Perspectives in Ring Theory
Organized by Eric Jespers (Brussels) and Edgar Goodaire (Memorial)

To date, confirmed speakers include: Yuri Bahturin (Moscow), Anthony Bak (Bielefeld), Margaret Beattie (Mount Allison), Howard Bell (Brock), Victor Bovdi (Hungary), Hans Brungs (Alberta), Stefaan Caenepeel (Brussel), Michel van den Bergh (Limburg/Belgium), Gerald Cliff (Alberta), Jairo Gonçalves (Sao Paulo), C.K. Gupta (Manitoba), Klaus Hoechsmann (UBC), Colin Ingalls (Washington), Stanley Juriaans (Sao Paulo), Thomas Kucera (Manitoba), Janos Kurdics (Hungary), Greg Lee (Alberta), Yuanlin Li (MUN), César Polcino Milies (São Paulo), Olaf Neisse (Augsburg), Keith Nicholson (Calgary), Jan Okninski (Warsaw), Donald Passman (Wisconsin), Mohan Putcha (North Carolina State), Robert Raphael (Concordia), Lex Renner (UWO), Akhar Rhemtulla (Alberta), Sudarshan Sehgal (Edmonton), Qiang Wang (MUN), Paul Wauters (Limburgs), Yiqiang Zhou (MUN).

This session is sponsored in part by the Dean of Science, Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Harmonic Analysis
Kathryn Hare (Waterloo)

To date, confirmed speakers include: J. Benedetto (Maryland), T. Chen (UWO), C. Finet (Belgium), B. Forrest (Waterloo), Jean-Paul Gabardo (McMaster), E. Granirer (UBC), H. Henig (McMaster), Z. Hu (Windsor), R. Kerman (Brock), Tom Korner (Cambridge), T. Lau (Alberta), D. Oberlin (Florida), J.-O. Ronning (Skovde), G. Sinnamon (UWO), Nicolaas Spronk (Waterloo), S. Wainger (Wisconsin).

This session is sponsored in part by the Centre de Recherches Mathématiques of l'Université de Montréal.

Representation Theory
Abraham Broer (Montreal)

To date, confirmed speakers include: Jon Brundan (Oregon at Eugene), Ranee K. Brylinski (Pennsylvania State), Clifton Cunningham (Massachusets), Sam R. Evens (Arizona at Tucson), Loek Helminck (North Carolina State), Markus Hunziker (Brandeis), Alex S. Kleshchev (Oregon at Eugene), Friedrich Knop (Rutgers), V. Lakshmibai (Northeastern), W. Monty McGovern (Seattle), George McNinch (Notre Dame), Fiona Murnaghan (Toronto), Arturo Pianzola (Alberta), David Renard (Poitiers), Yasmine Sanderson (Rutgers), Gordan Savin (Utah), Eric Sommers (Harvard).

This session is sponsored in part by the Fields Institute.

Education: What Mathematical Competitions do for Mathematics
Bruce Shawyer and Ed Williams (Memorial)

To date, confirmed speakers include: Ed Barbeau (Toronto), Peter Crippin (Waterloo), Ron Dunkley (Waterloo), Tony Gardiner (Birmingham), Sava Grozdev (Bulgaria), Rita Janes (Director of NCTM, co-founder of Newfoundland and Labrador Mathematics League), David Leeming (Victoria), John Grant McLoughlin (MUN), Shannon Sullivan (MUN), Jim Totten (University College of the Cariboo).

A panel discussion titled "From High School to University Mathematics: A Smooth Transition or Horrible Discontinuity" is planned. Panelists include Dr. Richard Nowakowski (Dalhousie), Dr. Cathy Baker (Mount Allison) and Dr. Herb Gaskill (MUN).

Combinatorics and its Applications
Nabil Shalaby (Memorial) and Douglas Stinson (Waterloo)

To date, confirmed speakers include: Lynn Batten (Manitoba), Frank Bennett (Mount St.~Vincent), Jeff Dinitz (Vermont), Katherine Heinrich (SFU), Vaclav Linek (Winnipeg), William Martin (Winnipeg), Rolf Rees (MUN), Chris Rodger (Auburn), Alexander Rosa (McMaster), Ruizhong Wei (Waterloo), Douglas Stinson (Waterloo), Luc Vinet (Montréal).

Nonlinear Analysis
S. P. Singh and Bruce Watson (Memorial)

To date, confirmed speakers include: Giampietro Allasia (Torino), Jonathan Borwein (SFU), Antonio Carbone (Calabria), Raffaele Chiappinelli (Siena), Hanuman P. Dikshit (Bhopal), Massimo Furi (Florence) Paul Gauthier (Montréal), Kaz Goebel (Lublin), Jinlu Li (Shawnee State U.), M. Zuhair Nashed (Delaware), M. Aslam Noor (Dalhousie), Luigi Rodino (Torino), J.N. Singh (Nigeria), S.N. Singh (South Africa), Pramila Srivastava (Allahabad), Papagudi Subrahmanyam (India), Wataru Takahashi (Tokyo), E. Tarafdar (Australia).

This session is sponsored in part by the Vice-President Academic, Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Surveys in Mathematics
Kumar Murty (Toronto) and Niky Kamran (McGill)

To date, confirmed speakers include: Jacques Hurtubise (McGill), Niky Kamran (McGill), James Lewis (Alberta), Neal Madras (York), Heydar Radjavi (Dalhousie), Damien Roy (Ottawa), Dana Schlomiuk (Montreal), Nicole Tomczak-Jaegermann (Alberta), Ravi Vakil (MIT).

Graduate Student Session
Daniel Dyer (SFU) tddyer@sfu.ca and Ronald Haynes(SFU) rhaynes@cecm.sfu.ca

To date, confirmed speakers include: Peter Arpin (Manitoba), Benoit Charbonneau (Université du Québec à Montréal), Michelle Davidson (Manitoba), Ronald Haynes (SFU), Dave Morgan (MUN), Mike Newman (Manitoba), Jianhua Pan (MUN), Wade Parsons (MUN).

Contributed Papers
Bruce Watson and Hermann Brunner (Memorial)

Contributed papers of 30-minute duration are invited and graduate students are particularly urged to participate. Abstracts for CMS contributed papers should be prepared as specified in the abstracts section of this web page. For an abstract to be eligible, the abstract must be received before March 31, 1999. The abstract must be accompanied by its contributor's registration form and payment.



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