2018 CMS Summer Meeting

Fredericton, June 1 - 4, 2018


Schedule - by Session

Detailed session schedules will be posted on the web site beginning in late October. Once the schedules are made available to us by the organizers, we will post them as quickly as possible. Please note that schedules are subject to change without notice. All scientific sessions will be held at the University of Waterloo.

Active Learning in Undergraduate Mathematics Classrooms
Org: Caroline Cochran (Acadia), Danielle Cox (Mount St. Vincent) and Patrick Reynolds (University of New Brunswick)
Schedule to be determined
Patrick Reynolds (University of New Brunswick)
Advances in Harmonic Analysis and PDEs
Org: David Cruz-Uribe (University of Alabama), Galia Dafni (Concordia University) and Scott Rodney (Cape Breton University)
Schedule to be determined
R. Alvarado (University of Pittsburg)
A. Butaev (Concordia University)
D. Kinzebulatov (University of Laval)
A. Kogoj (Universita Degli Studi Urbino)
S. Li (Rice University)
D. Monticelli (Politecnico di Milano)
V. Naibo (Kansas State University)
M. Wilson (University of Vermont)
H. Yue (Georgia College and State University)
Algebraic groups and related topics
Org: Eddy Campbell (Universityof New Brunswick) and David Wehlau (Royal Military College of Canada)
Session Supported by AARMS
Categories and Topology
Org: Darien DeWolf (St. Francis Xavier University), Pieter Hofstra (University of Ottawa) and Dorette Pronk (Dalhousie University)
Session Supported by AARMS
Cohomology -- a link between numbers and geometry
Org: Stefan Gille (University of Alberta), Jan Minac (Western University) and Kirill Zainoulline (Univeristyof Ottawa)
Schedule to be determined
Sunil Chebolu (Illionis State University)
Lucile Devin (University of Ottawa)
Rostislav Devyatov (University of Ottawa)
Chris Hall (University of Western Ontario)
Carolin Junkins (Harvard University)
Nikita Karpenko (University of Alberta)
Christian Maire (Université de Franche-Comté)
Federico Pasini (University of Western Ontario)
Andrew Schultz (Wellesley College)
Vaidehee Thatte (Queen's University)
Changlong Zhong (University of New York, Albany)
Combinatorial Game Theory
Org: Svenja Huntemann (Dalhousie University), Neil McKay (University of New Brunswick, St. John) and Rebecca Milley (Memorial University)
Session Supported by AARMS
Computational and Diophantine Number Theory
Org: Michael Bennett (University of British Columbia), Keith Johnson (Dalhousie University) and Gary Walsh (University of Ottawa)
Session Supported by AARMS
Contributed Papers
Org: Barry Monson (University of New Brunswick)
Dynamical systems and spatial models in ecology
Org: Amy Hurford (memorial University)
Session Supported by AARMS
Schedule to be determined
Ali Gharouni (University of New Brunswick)
Amy Hurford (Memorial University)
Mark Lewis (University of Alberta)
Ao Li (Univerisy of Western Ontario)
Joany Mariño (Memorial University)
Gregor McEwan (University of Prince Edward Island)
Michael Neubert (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
Eric Pedersen (Department of Fisheries and Oceans, St. John's)
Olga Vasilyeva (Memorial University - Grenfell)
Yang Wang (University of Western Ontario)
James Watmough (University of New Brunswick)
Ruiwen Wu (Memorial University)
Ergodic Theory, Dynamical systems, Fractals and Applications
Org: Shafiqul Islam (University of Prince Edward island) and Franklin Mendivil (Acadia University)
Session Supported by AARMS
Schedule to be determined
Arno Berger (University of Alberta)
Matt Betti (Mount Allison University)
Illia Binder (University of Toronto)
Erik Bollt (Clarkson University, USA)
Christopher Bose (University of Victoria)
Trubee Davison (University of Colorado, Boulder)
James Eckstein (Dalhousie University)
Peymen Eslami (University of Warwick)
Christopher Essex (Western University)
Marlene Frigon (University of Montreal)
Shafiqul Islam (University of Prince Edward Island)
Kamran Kaveh (Harvard University)
Zhenyang Li (Honghe University, China)
Franklin Mendivil (Acadia University)
Sharif Ullah, PHD (Kitami Institute of Technology)
Dorette Pronk (Dalhousie University)
Kazi Rahman (York University)
S M Ashrafur Rahman (York University)
Toru Sera (Kyoto University)
Sascha Troscheit (University of Waterloo)
Michael Yampolsky (University of Toronto)
Geometric Potential Theory
Org: Jie Xiao (Memorial University)
Session Supported by AARMS
Graph Searching & Pursuit-Evasion Games on Graphs
Org: Dr. Danielle Cox (Mt. St. Vincent University) and Dr. Christopher Duffy (University of Saskatchewan)
Mathematical Aspects of Quantum Information Theory
Org: Nathaniel Johnston (Mount Allison University) and Sarah Plosker (Brandon University)
Session Supported by AARMS
Mathematical Epidemiology
Org: Lin Wang and James Watmough (University of New Brunswick)
Session Supported by AARMS
Schedule to be determined
Jessica Conway (Pennsylvania State University)
Jane Heffernan (York University)
Kiyeon Kim (Hokkaido University)
Junling Ma (University of Victoria)
Connell McCluskey (Wilfred Laurier)
Timothy Reluga (Pennsylvania State University)
Biao Tang (Xian Jiaotong University)
Jianhong Wu (York University)
Xiaotian Wu (Shanghai Maritime University)
Xu Zhang (Southwest University, China)
Xue Zhang (Northeatersn University, China)
Noncommutative Geometry and Topology
Org: Branimir Ćaćić (University of New Brunswick), Dan Kucerovsky (University of New Brunswick) and Martin Mathieu (Queen's University Belfast)
Session Supported by AARMS
Number Theory
Org: Alia Hamieh (University of Northern British Columbia) and Matilde Lalin (University of Montreal)
Partial Differential Equations and Variational Problems
Org: Mohammad El Smaily (University of New Brunswick)
Session Supported by AARMS
Prize Lectures
Representation theory of algebras and related topics
Org: Colin Ingalls (University of New Brunswick) and Charles Paquette (Royal Military College of Canada)
Session Supported by AARMS
Singularities and Phase transitions in Nonlinear PDE’s
Org: L. Bronsard (mcMaster University), T. Giorgi (New Mexico State University) and I. Topaloglu (Virginia Commonwealth University)
Session Supported by AARMS
Schedule to be determined
Thomas Bellsky (University of Maine)
Rohit Jain (McGill University)
Maxime Laborde (McGill University)
Xin Yang Lu (Lakehead University)
Guanying Peng (The University of Arizona)
Scott Rodney (Cape Breton University)
Studc Student Research Session
Org: Aram Demenjian (UQAM) and Jean Lagacé (University of Montreal)


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