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Working Group 4: Learning in the Presence of Technology / Atelier 4: Apprentissage en présence de technologie
(F. Caron, J. Borwein, T. Steinke)

JONATHAN BORWEIN, FRANCE CARON AND TOM STEINKE, Simon Fraser University, Université de Montréal, Ottawa-Carleton Catholic School Board
Learning in the Presence of Technology / Apprentissage en présence de technologie

Across Canada, mathematics education is being profoundly impacted by the presence of a vast array of ever-evolving technologies. During the three working sessions, this group will explore the following questions:

  1. In Canadian mathematics classrooms:
    • what technologies are currently used?

    • how are these technologies typically used?

    • what are the technological constraints?

    • what has been the impact of the cost of technologies?

  2. What is the impact of technology on:
    • student learning

    • the math content being covered?

    • helping students understand technology?

    • developing student problem solving capabilities?

    • developing student autonomy and critical thinking?

    • assessment?

    • the classroom learning dynamic?

    • provincial curricula?

  3. What implementation and teacher-learning experiences and stories exist from the various provinces?


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