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Proceedings: Plenary Speakers - Panels - Working Groups


Presentation of Regional Situations
Moderator: Tom O'Shea

Mathematics in the modern school: goals and challenges

Toward the second Forum: How to increase the collaboration of mathematics educators across educational and provincial boundaries
Facilitator: Katherine Heinrich (University of Regina)

  • Bernard Hodgson (Secretary General of ICMI and Université Laval)
    Should we consider a Canadian subcommission for ICMI?
  • John Grant McLoughlin (University of New Brunswick)
    How to have closer connections between universities and school teachers?
  • Stewart Craven (District-wide Coordinator, Mathematics/Numeracy, Scarborough)
    How teachers associations could decide to collaborate more closely?
  • Malgorzata Dubiel (Simon Fraser University)

How to bring the ideas of the forum to the public? How to raise awareness of the importance of learning mathematics in schools?


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