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Seeking an Executive Secretary for the CMS

The Canadian Mathematical Society is currently seeking an individual with enthusiasm, initiative, and a strong interest in supporting the development of the Canadian Mathematical community, to be its next Executive Secretary.

The CMS works hard to promote the discovery, learning and application of mathematics in Canada. The CMS enhances the practice of mathematics in Canada through national conferences and publishing research journals, books, and newsletters in both print and electronic formats. The CMS, with the assistance of volunteers, supports efforts that identify and develop young mathematicians through its math competitions, math camps and other educational activities. The work of the CMS is carried out by a large number of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers, together with a small experienced staff of eight at the CMS Executive Office in Ottawa.

The role of the Executive Secretary is to support the CMS President (together with the CMS Executive Committee and the chairs of CMS Standing committees) and liaise between them and the staff of the CMS Executive office. This is envisioned as a half-time position. The Executive Secretary is not required to be based in Ottawa, since a portion of this position could be managed remotely. But if the Executive Secretary is not based in Ottawa, they must be able to travel easily to Ottawa, as the expectation is that they will spend at least one day per week at the CMS Executive Office.

For those who know the history of the CMS, there used to be a full-time position (titled Executive Director) that had a different function, namely to administer the Executive Office. Restructuring at the CMS means that staff at the CMS Executive Office now independently manage most of the operations of the CMS. The Executive Secretary position is envisioned instead as providing a single contact, to help operationalize policy decisions of the CMS President and Executive committee via the Executive Office.

The new Executive Secretary will be someone with both administrative experience and broad knowledge of the Canadian Mathematical community. A doctoral degree in Mathematics is required, as well as excellent organizational, interpersonal, and problem solving skills. Detailed requirements for the position are listed in the on-line job description.

The position is ideal for someone who is looking to transition from a full-time academic position to a half-time role. Alternatively, the CMS is also willing to explore the possibility of a half-time secondment (or buyout) from a full-time academic position.

This position offers a unique opportunity to support the Canadian Mathematical Society, and to enhance the Canadian Mathematical community. It is a varied and flexible position requiring both vision and administrative talent. Applications, including a covering letter, curriculum vitae and references, are sought by June 23, 2017 as consideration of applications will begin thereafter.

Applications should be sent to:

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