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The Canadian Mathematical Society ( is concerned with the support and promotion of mathematics in Canada - via the teaching of mathematics, the popularization of mathematics, and the creation of new mathematics (mathematics research). It has for many years sponsored the Canadian Mathematical Olympiad and in 1995 was responsible for the 36th International Mathematics Olympiad held in North York, Ontario. (See the web site In 1996, the CMS established the CMS Awards which will be presented annually at the Canada-Wide Science Fair. At the 1997 and 1998 Fairs the first prize award will be $300 and a calculator. There will be a second prize of one calculator at each of the Junior, Intermediate and Senior levels. The criteria for the awards will be: outstanding projects in the mathematical sciences or making extensive use of mathematics in a project.

To date there have not been a lot of mathematics projects in the science fairs and we believe that one reason for this might be that it is not at all clear what a mathematics project might involve. To help shed some light on this problem we have prepared a list of possible projects and many references on topics that could make exciting and interesting projects. But first some warning: the list is quite incomplete (as are the references) and not all the ideas presented have been fully thought out. This is intentional. After all - it is to be your project. Some are more interesting than others, some will require more mathematics background than others and some have more scope for exploration than others. But all are related to areas of mathematics some member of the CMS has found an exciting and rewarding place to explore and study.

We hope you enjoy them and find much of wonder and amazement (as we do).

Katherine Heinrich, CMS President (1996-98)


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