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Student Resources (different set of resources with some shared aspects)

8th International Congress on Mathematical Education July 14 - 21, 1996

A Mathlete's Training Guide
The MathMan
Canada's SchoolNet: Funded by Industry Canada
Web, Gopher and FTP servers
Math Department
ECOS: Educational Combinatorial Object Server
The SchoolNet Usenet Newsgroups
Math Central
WWW site for K-12 mathematics students and teachers
Youth Engineering and Science Camps of Canada
Exercises in Math Readiness (EMR) for University Study
Ask Dr. Math! Swarthmore University
A Math Forum project
Colorful Mathematics
The Little Math Puzzle Contest
EDUNet: Baxter Group's closed area access network for children of all ages
MEGA-Mathematics: The Los Alamos Workbook
MacTutor History of Mathematics archive
Mathematical MacTutor (more than 100 HyperCard stacks (18MB) primarily for the Apple Macintosh computers
The Geometry Center: Educational Materials
Florida State: List of High School Servers
NASA: List of High Schools On-Line
Web66: A K12 World Wide Web Project
International Registry of K-12 Schools on the Web
Registered Canadian K-12 Schools
NASA K-12 On-Line Initiatives and Resources
METIP: Mathematics Experiences Through Image Processing
Cornell Theory Center for Math and Sciences
Math resources
K-12 Software Resources

A Career Planning Centre for Beginning Scientists and Engineers
Scarborough College Mathematics Computer Lab
Math Forum Workshops
The Shell Centre for Mathematical Education
The Budapest Seminars
Young Mathematicians Network

Topics and Resources
Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
IB Higher Level Mathematics Syllabus
With 200+ Links to Other Math sites
ArtByMath Fractal Gallery
Web Interface to Mathematica for doing Integrals
CMESG: Canadian Mathematics Education Study Group
Review of college and pre-college math results, techniques, and formulas
S.O.S Mathematics
Review of college and pre-college math results, techniques, and formulas
School Mathematics Journal
Moderated electronic journal for matters related to school mathematics
a must-see site for students and educators
MATLAB in Education
Links to teaching and research sites, course guide for teaching with MATLAB, etc.
Math Projects for Science Fairs by Katherine Heinrich, CMS President (1996-98)
Postscript and DVI versions
EDU2 ? 6000+ educational links in 41+ categories including math
Mathematical Programming Glossary by Harvey J. Greenberg
The Virtual Mathematics Center
The Math Forum
A Virtual Center for Mathematics Education on the Internet
Mathematics Education for the 21st Century by Sarah Anne Olive Inkpen
PSTC: Mathematics Problem Solving Task Centres
Association LogEdu: les logiciels éducatifs français en libre essai
Links to Science, Engineering, and Mathematics Related Resources
Lists Maintained by SEM: Science, Engineering, and Math program at Univ. of Delaware
Eric's Treasure Trove of Mathematics
The Probability Web
Complementarity Problem NET
Canadian ScienceWeb sponsored by NRC-CNRC and Industry Canada
1995 Canadian Forum on Education in Mathematics
Math in the Malls
Reports from Canadian Universities on Teaching Responsibilities
The Fractal Microscope A distributed computing approach to Math education
Mathematical Sciences Education Board: National Research Council
Calculus Resources On-Line Math Archives
Galaxy Mathematics Resources on many topics
The Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers) in Mathematics
E-GEMS: Electronic Games for Education in Math and Science
NSTW: National Science and Technology Week
Philosophy and History of Mathematics:
Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Mathematics
1000+ Mathematicians' Biographies
History of Mathematics announcements (By Subject)
The History of Mathematics
History Mathematics and Related Fields
History of Science & Science Museums
Philosophy of Science and Mathematics on the Internet
A Brief History of Algebra and Computing: An Eclectic Oxonian View
MacTutor History of Mathematics archive
Geometry Centre
Math Forum
Internet Resource Collection
Penn State: List of Mathematics Information Servers
Mitch's Internet Resources by Topic
CSC Mathematical Topics
Scholastic Internet Center
Educational Resources Information Center
Computers in Teaching Initiative: Centre for Mathematics and Statistics
MathPro Press's Internet Center for Mathematics Problems
Appetizers and Lessons for Math and Reason
Fixed Point Theory on the Web
Miscellaneous Math Resource Links
Fun With Math, Strategy games, Juggling, ... (at the House of Dave)

Academe This Week
The Scientist

Special Interest
ArtByMath Fractal Gallery
CESN: Canadian Electronic Scholarly Network
CAIN: Computer Algebra Information Network
The Math Forum (including MathMagic )
ACM SIGGRAPH (Computer Graphics) Education Server
ACM SIGCUE (Computer Uses in Education)
Mathematics and Art

Communication Technology
DEN: Digital Education Network
Science Television
Educational Technology
The Hub
Apple Computer Higher Education

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