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A Collection of Useful Internet Resources
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Searching through the Internet for resources for your classroom can be very time consuming and frustrating. This page was designed to help teachers incorporate the Internet in their Junior or Intermediate mathematics classrooms.

For those who have experience searching through the Internet for mathematics activities please continue on below in the annotated explorations. Others are invited to sample some specific pages that could be implemented in your classroom tomorrow. Please click on the highlighted text to visit the site. Directly below are 5 resource examples that may be found on the Internet.

  1. Game -- Play with the Towers of Hanoi! Click on the buttons with the angle brackets that indicate the direction and number of pegs of the move. Change the number of disks and your number of moves will be recorded each time.
  2. Lesson Plan -- Scroll down and click on See the Lesson Plan under Lesson One (of six) regarding problem solving.
  3. Math History -- Attaching a face or a story to a mathematical concept may draw some students in. Check out Pythagoras here.
  4. Interactive Activity -- In the yellow window on the left, scroll down and click on X-Intercept and watch what happens to the equations below as you manipulate the line.
  5. Problem & Solution -- Find the area of the shaded region. Go through the solution and enjoy the poetry!

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  • Canada's SchoolNet -- Math Department

  • It's Amazing Mathematical Object Factory is really amazing! This teaching tool generates permutations, combinations, pentomino puzzles and much more! There are also many links and descriptions of other useful sites such as Statistics Canada.
  • Cuisenaire Learning Place

  • New problems appear every month for the elementary student from all math strands. The Replacing Trees problem is a good example relating the communication of a problem and environmental studies.
  • Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles

  • A wealth of text, animation and resources can be found here but leave a lot of time for exploring for something at the elementary level. Most deal with higher level thinking. Check out Alexander Bogomolny's collections of puzzles and other people's sites. His Exchange might answer some of your questions.
  • Math Archives

  • Browse or search for the topic of your choice. There are so many possible connections such as Art and Music in Math Education and Arithmetic and each have small icons telling the viewer the grade level and additional information.
  • Math Central

  • Browse by curriculum strand in the elementary (K-5) and middle (6-9) levels in their resource rooms.
  • Math Forum

  • This site is incredibly exhaustive! Get hooked in the Elementary School Student Centre or stay on top of the latest as a teacher in their Research Division. Students can find answers to their questions by searching response archives or they can Ask Dr. Math (elementary or middle) their own question. The site is fully searchable and has links to a plethora of resourceful Internet sites all compiled in Steve's Dump. Students can also solve challenges with MathMagic in 4-6 and 7-9 divisions.
  • Math Probe

  • Enjoy manipulating a line on graph paper to discover the characteristics of slope. What happens when the line is horizontal or vertical? As students move the line, the slope, the intercepts and the equation of the line constantly change. Or, watch the screen appear three-dimensional when manipulating its dodecahedron, as a net or a skeleton. Students can interactively explore a dozen other problems including bar graphs, probability, and conversion.
  • Mathematics Lesson Database

  • Search by division (K-12) and/or content area (although I received too many errors when searching) or browse their entire database in chart form displaying content area, level, lesson title and author. Note that this site from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign points you to other URLs where the lessons actually exist.
  • Mathmania

  • Presently under construction, this site challenges its viewers with problems to solve.
  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

  • View journal articles from Mathematics Teacher and Teaching Children Mathematics by using their own searching tool. Also useful is the Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics.

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The Internet can definitely supplement mathematics lessons or be used to teach some specific concept or idea. The Math Forum proved to be the most useful when considering its well organized wealth of information, opportunities and connections to other useful sites. 
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