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Central to strengthening Canada's capacity to compete globally is the development and application of mathematics that produces technological, economic, and social advancements.

Mathematics is a key enabler in the Canadian economy in such traditional areas as commerce (e.g., accounting, finance, insurance, construction), physical sciences (e.g., biology, chemistry, geology, physics), and engineering. Mathematics also plays a key role in the development of advanced technologies in medicine (e.g., bioresearch, gene therapy, biomechanics), computer science (e.g., e-commerce, nanotechnology) and manufacturing (e.g., aerospace).

In fact, virtually all scientific, commercial, and technological endeavours rely upon the application of mathematics by skilled mathematicians to drive growth and innovation.

Your Investment in the Future

By investing in CMS educational, research, and scholarly activities, you are contributing to Canada's future. For information about the full range of donation opportunities, see the CMS Giving Opportunities page, our information brochure and promotional flyer.

Planned Giving

Through planned giving, you can make a contribution which expands beyond the present, changes lives, and helps build a better society for generations to come. Members can use a variety of different planned options. The planned giving brochure (click here) describes the various options.


Donations can be made by fax, by phone, or you may Donate Online.

As a charitable institution, receipts will be issued for all donations.

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