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FOR 2011

(The membership period is January 1 - December 31)

Membership Category  Rate  Periodicals Included
Category A - Departments granting Ph.D. $1020 CJM, CMB, Crux Mathematicorum and the CMS Notes (hardcopy and on-line)
Category B - Departments granting M.Sc. $670 CJM, CMB, Crux Mathematicorum and the CMS Notes (hardcopy and on-line)
Category C - Other university departments $252 Crux Mathematicorum and the CMS Notes (hardcopy and on-line)
Category D - Colleges, CEGEPS and Schools $88 Crux Mathematicorum and the CMS Notes (hardcopy and on-line)

In additon, all Institutional Members receive the following:

NEW!  We are introducing the option of sponsored memberships for graduate students. Your institution is invited to list those students you would like to sponsor (see instructions on the renewal form). Through this new category, the graduate student will benefit from:

  • electronic copy of CMS Notes;
  • listed on the graduate ListServ and CMS ListServ;
  • reduced fees at CMS Meetings/events;
  • and much more.

This is a great opportunity to engage graduate students and show them the importance of supporting their national profession, now and for future years. This membership opportunity is being accompanied by the inauguration of a greater emphasis on graduate activities at our meetings; proposed activities include mini-courses, graduate sessions, and poster sessions. Indeed, the reduction in meeting registration alone more than pays for the student’s membership fee. This membership is being made available for undergraduate students as well.

Benefits to Graduates Included Rate Instructions for Graduate List Format
Electronic copy of CMS Notes; Listed on graduate ListServ & CMS ListServ; Listed on searchable Combined Membership List; Reduced fees at CMS Meetings/events; see CMS website for complete list of benefits. $20/Student Please supply your list of M.Sc. or Ph.D. graduates in Excel format with fields for first name, last name, degree and email address. Send list to:

Libraries affiliated with an Institutional Member receive discounts of up to 60% on the price of CMS publications for additional subscriptions or bulk orders:

Additional Subscriptions Discount Price
Canadian Journal of Mathematics   (6 issues) $325
Canadian Mathematical Bulletin   (4 issues) $164
Crux Mathematicorum   (6 issues) $53
CMS Notes   (6 issues) $82
Mathematical Reports   (4 issues)
published by the Academy of Science (Royal Society of Canada)

An on-line membership application form is available, or you may contact:

Canadian Mathematical Society
209 - 1725 St Laurent Blvd.
Ottawa, ON   K1G 3V4

Tel: (613) 733-2662

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