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President's Advisory Council


The CMS President's Advisory Council (PAC) is an honorary standing committee of the CMS established by the CMS Board of Directors.

The PAC nominally reports to the CMS President.


The PAC is established to:
  1. formally honour and acknowledges the contribution of past CMS Presidents and Executive Directors to the development and success of the CMS; and
  2. provide PAC members with a unique opportunity to continue their leadership engagement with the CMS.


Provide independent strategic advice and guidance to the CMS President.

Duties and Responsibilities

The PAC, in whole or in part, may:

  1. provide advice and guidance on issues that the CMS President may wish to submit to the PAC for consideration; and
  2. bring matters and advice to the attention of the CMS President.

Council Membership

The PAC membership is constituted as follows:

  1. the Chair (current CMS Past-President or as designated by the CMS President);
  2. all former CMS Presidents; and
  3. all former and current CMS Executive Directors.

Appointment to the Council is immediate upon completion of term as the CMS President or Executive Director.

Any PAC member may withdraw from the council by formally notifying the Chair and the Chair may withdraw by notifying the CMS President.

Council Operations

Meetings, if necessary, may be convened at the call of the Chair.

The PAC may establish temporary ad hoc sub-groups, including non-PAC members.

PAC operations are subject to CMS guidelines and policies.


PAC Terms of Reference may be amended by recommendation of the PAC Chair or the CMS President to the CMS Board of Directors.

Any PAC matter that may have legal considerations shall be referred to the CMS Executive Director.


PAC-related enquiries should be directed to the CMS Corporate Secretary.

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