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Mathematics Research Libraries at the End of the Twentieth Century

A report on the 1996 AMS-IMS-MAA Survey, August 1997

The first AMS survey of mathematics research libraries was conducted in 1990 (Notices of the AMS, December 1991, 1258--1262). This is a report on the second library survey, which was run in the fall of 1996 and early 1997. The Canadian Mathematical Society participated in the second survey.

The report was prepared by N. D. Anderson (, K. Dilcher (, and J. Rovnyak (rovnyak@Virginia.EDU). It is 28 pages in length and available in three formats:

PostScript version (352 K) DVI version (106 K) PDF version (194 K)
(352 K)(106 K)(194 K)

The survey was a project of the AMS Library Committee, which wrote the questionnaire:

Blank questionnaire, page 1 (208 K)
Blank questionnaire, page 2 (199 K)
Blank questionnaire, page 3 (175 K)
Blank questionnaire, page 4 (160 K)

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