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no later than August 31, 2001 and no sooner than August 15, 2001.

Note. There was an unfortunate error in the statement of Problem 77. I would like to apologize to students who tried to solve the problem and did not get the point of it because of the mistake. A corrected version is listed below, and solutions can be mailed to Dr. Pandelieva. Some of the original solvers detected the error and sent solutions to the problem that was intended; such students need not send anything further on this problem. (If the statement of a problem on a competition seems fishy, draw attention to what you think may be the probably error, explicitly state a nontrivial formulation of the problem and solve that.) (E. Barbeau)

n points are chosen from the circumference or the interior of a regular hexagon with sides of unit length, so that the distance between any two of them is not less that 2. What is the largest natural number n for which this is possible?

A square and a regular pentagon are inscribed in a circle. The nine vertices are all distinct and divide the circumference into nine arcs. Prove that at least one of them does not exceed 1/40 of the circumference of the circle.

Consider the sequence 200125, 2000125, 20000125, , 20000125, (in which the nth number has n+1 digits equal to zero). Can any of these numbers be the square or the cube of an integer?

For any natural number n, prove the following inequalities:

2(n-1)/(2n-2) 2 [4 ]4 [8 ]8[2n ]2n < 4 .

ABC is a right triangle with arms a and b and hypotenuse c = |AB |; the area of the triangle is s square units and its perimeter is 2p units. The numbers a, b and c are positive integers. Prove that s and p are also positive integers and that s is a multiple of p.

The triangle ABC is isosceles with equal sides AC and BC. Two of its angles measure 40. The interior point M is such that MAB = 10 and MBA = 20. Determine the measure of CMB.

Find all prime numbers p for which all three of the numbers p2 - 2, 2p2 - 1 and 3p2 + 4 are also prime.

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