Société mathématique du Canada

Issue 2:1

January, 2001

This is mailed only to actively participating students. It can be obtained electronically in a TeX file from E.J. Barbeau at or from the CMS website or Students are strongly encouraged to send up solutions each month; even if you do not get every problem or you have incomplete solutions, it is important for us to see what you have lest we can make some helpful comments. Be sure to visit the website of the Canadian Mathematical Society. Here you can find links to the Olymon issues, problems of the International Mathematical Talent Search and Olympiad examinations. You can also subscribe electronically to Crux Mathematicorum, which contains collections of problems at various levels along with solutions to many of them. Prof. Barbeau would be happy to receive solutions to any problems in the regular Crux section that you solve; be sure to send a copy of solutions you obtain to the editor and mention that you are a student and what your school is.

Please note the following:

Your complete name and mailing address and electronic address must appear on the first page of your solutions. If you have not already provided this information, please also give, legibly, your email address, telephone number, name, address and telephone number of your school and information about university and college courses that you have taken.

Mathematics and Informatics Quarterly. This is a quarterly journal containing articles and problems published for high school students. In particular, it contains the problems for the International Mathematical Talent Search, along with the solutions published a couple of issues later. You should find a lot of interesting stuff in it. The subscription rate is $30 (Canadian) for four issues a year. Please send the cheque, payable to Edward J. Barbeau and marked ``MIQ'' in the corner to him at the Department of Mathematics, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON M5S 3G3

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