Société mathématique du Canada
Société mathématique du Canada

Issue 1:1

April, 2000

This is a monthly newsletter for the students participating in the Olympiad Correspondence Program operated by the Canadian Mathematical Society and the University of Toronto Department of Mathematics. The first two issues will be sent by mail to students already enrolled in the correspondence program who will still be in secondary school next year. After that, students will receive the sets of problems by mail only when they respond to earlier sets or send in a stamped self-addressed envelope.

However, the set can be obtained electronically at any time from the CMS web site or electronically in a TeX file from E. J. Barbeau; to help students interpret the TeX file, this first set will be sent along with its TeX code.

Please note the following:

(1) Your complete name and mailing address and electronic address must appear on the first page of your solutions. If you have not already provided this information, please also give, legibly, your email address, telephone number, name, address and telephone number of your school and information about university and college courses that you have taken. (Taking tertiary courses may affect your elegibility for national and international contests, so you should be cautious about accelerating.)

(2) Please submit your solutions postmarked no later than the last day of the month following the month of issue of Olymon. Late solutions will not be accepted. Solutions to problems for which at least one correct solution has been submitted will be published in the third issue following their original appearance. Unsolved problems will be reposed as a challenge.

(3) You are invited to submit solutions to problems of the International Mathematical Talent Search, which can be found on the CMS web site. There is no deadline for these solutions.

(4) You are invited to solve current problems appearing in Crux Mathematicorum with Mathematical Mayhem, a journal published by the Canadian Mathematical Society. You should write your solutions up neatly and submit them to the editor with a copy to E.J. Barbeau.

(Problems for April)
(International Mathematical Talent Search - Round 35)

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