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Issue 10:1

January, 2009

Please send your solutions to

Ms. Valeria Pandelieva
641 Kirkwood Avenue
Ottawa, ON K1Z 5X5

no later than February 5, 2009.

Electronic files can be sent to However, if you respond electronically, please do not scan a handwritten solution. The attachment uses an inordinate amount of space and often causes difficulties in downloading. Also, the handwriting is frequently indistinct or splotchy. Please type the solution using a word-processing package (TeX is good and can be sent in a pdf file). If your file is not downloadable, then you will be asked to send your solutions by mail; do not use anything fancy or exotic.

It is important that your complete mailing address and your email address appear legibly on the front page. If you do not write your family name last, please underline it.

Problems for January 2009 (PDF only)
Solutions for November 2008 (PDF only)

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