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Notes. A function is convex if and only if for each u and v, and for each t [0, 1], f(tu + (1-t)v) tf(u) + (1-t)f(v).

Let A and B be two points on a parabola with vertex V such that VA is perpendicular to VB and q is the angle between the chord VA and the axis of the parabola. Prove that

|VA |
|VB |
= cot3 q .

Let n be a positive integer exceeding 1. Determine the number of permutations (a1, a2, , an) of (1, 2, , n) for which there exists exactly one index i with 1 i n and ai > ai+1.

Let (a1, a2, , an) be an arithmetic progression and (b1, b2, , bn) be a geometric progression, each of n positive real numbers, for which a1 = b1 and an = bn. Prove that

a1 + a2 + + an b1 + b2 + + bn .

For each positive integer k, let ak = 1 + (1/2) + (1/3) + + (1/k). Prove that, for each positive integer n,

3a1 + 5a2 + 7a3 + + (2n + 1)an = (n + 1)2 an- 1
n(n+1) .

Every midpoint of an edge of a tetrahedron is contained in a plane that is perpendicular to the opposite edge. Prove that these six planes intersect in a point that is symmetric to the centre of the circumsphere of the tetrahedron with respect to its centroid.

Each of n 2 people in a certain village has at least one of eight different names. No two people have exactly the same set of names. For an arbitrary set of k names, where 1 k 7, the number of people containing at least one of the k names among his/her set of names is even. Determine the value of n.

Let f(x) be a convex realvalued function defined on the reals, n 2 and x1 < x2 < < xn. Prove that

x1 f(x2) + x2 f(x3) + + xn f(x1) x2 f(x1) + x3 f(x2) + + x1 f(xn) .

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