International Mathematical Talent Search

International Mathematical Talent Search



The International Mathematical Talent Search (IMTS) is a competitive year-round correspondence program in creative mathematical problem solving at the secondary school level. It is open to all students in every country at no cost. The program parallels the USA Mathematical Talent Search (USAMTS), which was founded in 1989. The IMTS is featured as a regular column in Mathematics and Informatics Quarterly (M&IQ), which was initiated in 1991.

There are four rounds of five problems in each year of the IMTS. The rounds are numbered consecutively, and hence each participating country can specify the appropriate rounds for its academic year. Ideally, students are expected to submit solutions in the designated four rounds corresponding to their school year, and accumulate points accordingly. Thereby, with 5 points per problem, they can accumulate 100 points per year.


The solutions should be submitted to the appropriate member of the International Panel of Judges. In case their country in not represented, we hereby request the submission of solutions to the coordinator of the program, Dr. George Berzsenyi, whose address is

Dr. George Berzsenyi, IMTS Coordinator
13226 Piute Trail
Pine, CO 80470-9557 USA

Each submission should have a cover sheet identifying the student, his/her grade level, home address, country, and the school he/she attends. The solutions should be complete, well-written, and -- if sent (via air mail) to the above address -- in English. Submission criteria in the participating countries will be determined and publicized by the appropriate members of the International Panel of Judges.


This program was initiated in 1989 by Professor George Berzsenyi and his colleagues in the Department of Mathematics at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (RHIT) under the auspices of the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (COMAP) via a regular column in COMAP's Consortium. The program has been supported by RHIT, COMAP, and by grants awarded by the Exxon Education Foundation, the National Science Foundation (NSF), and by the National Security Agency (NSA). The program was transferred to NSA and COMAP in 1997, and it is presently directed by Dr. Gene Berg, the Mathematics Advisor to the Chief Scientist of the NSA.

In addition to being regularly featured in Consortium, the USAMTS also has a web site at the NSA, whose URL is

In addition to the problems (which are numbered differently, but identical to those of the IMTS), the above web site also includes solutions to the problems, as well as a detailed description of the program's aims, history, and highlights. Moreover, the USAMTS Newsletter, which is published (and circulated among the USAMTS participants) at the end of each round, is also posted on this web site.


In addition to featuring the problems and solutions to the problems of the IMTS (edited by Professor Berzsenyi), this international publication contains a variety of lively problem sections and interesting articles appropriate for outstanding students at the secondary level. For subscription information and for guidelines for prospective authors, please see the following web site of the International Olympiads in Informatics, maintained by Professor Tom Verhoeff of The Netherlands:

The four issues of Volume 9 of M&IQ, to be published in 1999, will feature the problems of Rounds 32-35, and the solutions of Rounds 29-32, respectively. Round 29 was the equivalent of Round 1 / Year 10 of the USAMTS.


Students wishing to submit solutions to the problems of the IMTS, should first check the following list for a judge representing their country. If they find such a representative, they should submit their solutions to that person in accordance with the guidelines specified by him/her. If their country is not represented, they should send their solutions to the IMTS Coordinator, whose address is given in the Program Description above.

Participants of the IMTS should be aware that the following list of judges is still evolving, and hence it is subject to frequent changes. We also wish to emphasize that at no time will there be any comparisons of the results or of the level of participation in different countries. The main purpose of the IMTS is to promote creative mathematical problem solving as an intellectual endeavor among students of similar interest, and to give them an opportunity to formulate their solutions in English, which is fast becoming the accepted language of mathematics.

Code Country Judge Address
ARM Armenia Garnik Tonojan Aygestan 9, Str.67, Apt. 34
375025 Yerevan
AUS Australia Chris Harman Department of Mathematics
University of Southern Queensland
Toowoomba QLD 4350
AUT Austria Robert Geretschläger Breunergasse 23
8051 Graz
BGR Bulgaria Borislav Lazarov Institute of Mathematics
G. Bonchev Str., Block 8
1113 Sofia
CAN Canada Ed Barbeau Department of Mathematics
University of Toronto
Toronto ONT M5S 1A1
CRO Croatia Zeljko Hanjs Department of Mathematics
University of Zagreb
Bijenicka Cesta 30
10000 Zagreb
CUB Cuba Luis Campistrous Institute Central de Ciencias Pedagogicas
Ministrie de Educacion, Obispo 160
La Haban Viejo
Cuidad Habana 10100
CZR Czech Republic Jaroslav Flejberk K. Krpaty 1384
Pardubice 53003
GER Germany Klaus Herzog Neuprull 33
Regensburg 93051
HKG Hong Kong P.H. Cheung Department of Curriculum Studies
University of Hong Kong
Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong
HUN Hungary Lajos Pintér Bolyai Intézet
József Attila Tudományegyetem
Aradi vértanuk tere 1,
6720 Szeged
ICL Iceland Sverrir Thorvaldsson Öldugötu 55
101 Reykjavík
IND India Shailes Shirali Rishi Valley School
517352 Rishi Valley
Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh
IRN Iran Ali Rejali School of Mathematics
Isfahan University of Technology
84156 Isfahan
JPN Japan Hiroshi Okumura Maebashi City College of Technology
460 Kamisadori Maebashi
Gunma 371
ROK Korea Seung-Jin Bang 516 Dong 202 Ho, Hanyang Apt.
Sunae Dong Bundang Gu
Seongnam-Si 463-020
LAT Latvia Agnis Andzans Elizabetes Str. 69, ap.6
Riga - 11
LIT Lithuania Algirdas Zabulionis Mathematics Department
Vilnius University
Naugarduko 24,
Vilnius - 232006
OMA Sult. of Oman E.V. Krishnan Department of Math. and Comp.
Sultan Quaboos University
P.O. Box 32486, Al Khod
ROM Romania Károly Dáné Lic. ``Al. Papiu Ilarian''
Str. Bernádi György nr. 12
4300 Tg. Mures
RUS Russia Valeri Vavilov Math. and Mech. Dept.
Moscow University
Leninskie Gori
119899 Moscow
SGP Singapore Willie Yong Apt. Block 551, AMK Avenue 10
No. 14-2224,
Singapore - 2056
SVK Slovenia Izidor Hafner Svetceva pot 11
61240 Kamnik
SAF South Africa John Webb Department of Mathematics
University of Cape Town
Private Bag
7700 Rondebosch
SPA Spain Francisco Bellot Rosado Dos de mayo 16 - 8o dcha.
47004 Valladolid
TAH Tahiti Pierre-Olivier Legrand B.P., 5518 Pirae
ZWE Zimbabwe Erica Keogh Mathematics Department
University of Zimbabwe
Mount Pleasant, Harare

Mathematicians in other countries who are interested in joining our efforts on the IMTS Panel of Judges may wish to contact Professor George Berzsenyi by e-mail ( or at the address given below.

Dr. George Berzsenyi, IMTS Coordinator
13226 Piute Trail
Pine, CO 80470-9557 USA

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