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CMO Winners sorted by province by year

Name City Province School Year Rank
Rui Ming XiongCalgaryABWestern Canada High20172
Mariya SardarliEdmontonABStrathcona High School20111
Hunter SpinkCalgaryABWestern Canada High School2011HM
Danny ShiCalgaryABSir Winston Churchill High School20092
Hunter SpinkCalgaryABWestern Canada High School2009HM
Jarno SunCalgaryABWestern Canada High School20093
XiaoLin ShiCalgaryABSir Winston Churchill High School2008HM
Chengyue (Jarno) SunCalgaryABWestern Canada High School2008HM
Jarno SunCalgaryABWestern Canada High School20073
Dong Uk (David) RheeEdmontonABMcNally Composite High School20061
Boris BravermanCalgaryABSir Winston Churchill High School2005HM
Zheng GuoCalgaryABWestern Canada High School2005HM
Dong Uk (David) RheeEdmontonABMcNally School2005HM
Boris BravermanCalgaryABSimon Fraser Junior High2004HM
Dennis ChuangOkotoksABStrathcona-Tweedsmuir School2004HM
David RheeEdmontonABMcNally School20043
Robert Barrington LeighEdmontonABOld Scona Academic High School20033
Robert Barrington LeighEdmontonABOld Scona Academic High School2002HM
Alexander FinkCalgaryABQueen Elizabeth High School2001HM
Robert Barrington LeighEdmontonABVernon Barford Junior High School2000HM
Byung-Kyu ChunEdmontonABHarry Ainlay Composite High School19972
Byung-Kyu ChunEdmontonABHarry Ainlay Composite High School19961
Byung-Kyu ChunEdmontonABHarry Ainlay Composite High School19952
Derek KismanCalgaryABQueen Elizabeth High School19953
Alistair SavageCalgaryABWestern Canada High School19945
John G. SavardEdmontonABSt. Joseph's Composite H.S.19723
Simon TuEdmontonABHarry Ainlay Composite High School19713
Andrew LinVancouverBCUniversity Hill S.S.2018HM
Victor WangVancouverBCSir Winston Churchill S.S.2018HM
Edward JiangBurnabyBCMoscrop Secondary2017HM
Kevin HuWest VancouverBCMulgrave School2016HM
Jinhao XuVancouverBCUniversity Hill Secondary School20162
Rui Zhou YangVancouverBCUniversity Hill Secondary School2016HM
Susan SunWest VancouverBCWest Vancouver Secondary School2011HM
Robin ChengCoquitlamBCPinetree Secondary School2010HM
Yuqi ZhuVancouverBCUniversity Hill Secondary School2010HM
Robin ChengCoquitlamBCPinetree Secondary School2009HM
Steven KarpVancouverBCLord Byng Secondary School2007HM
Paul ChengWest VancouverBCWest Vancouver Secondary School20023
Cornwall LauVancouverBCDavid Thompson Secondary School2002HM
Daniel BroxWest VancouverBCSentinel Secondary School20011
Nima KamoosiWest VancouverBCWest Vancouver Secondary School20013
Daniel BroxWest VancouverBCSentinel Secondary School20001
Paul ChengWest VancouverBCWest Vancouver Secondary School2000HM
Masoud KamgarpourNorth VancouverBCCarson Graham Secondary School1999HM
Zion KwokVancouverBCEric Hamber Secondary School1998HM
Colin PercivalBurnabyBCBurnaby Central Secondary School19963
Colin PercivalBurnabyBCBurnaby Central Secondary School19955
Mintcho PetkovVictoriaBCLester Pearson College19955
Lawrence TangRichmondBCSteveston Senior Secondary School19955
Janos CsirikVictoriaBCLester B. Pearson Coll. of the Pacific19912
Hugh ThomasVancouverBCSir Winston Churchill Secondary School19892
David McKinnonVancouverBCSt. George's School19882
Bryan Keith FeirVictoriaBCSt. Michaels University19862
Julian WestVancouverBCSaint-George's School19813
Norman J. WildbergerRichmondBCRichmond Hill High School19753
Bruce NielsonVancouverBCPoint Grey Secondary School19711
John SpougeVancouverBCSt. George's School19712
John SpougeVancouverBCSt. George's School19701
Russell O. RedmanVictoriaBCClaremont Senior Secondary School19693
Michael PangWinnipegMBFort Richmond Collegiate2015HM
David GoodmanWinnipegMBKelvin High School2000HM
Donny CheungWinnipegMBSt. John's-Ravenscourt School19951
Hugh ThomasWinnipegMBKelvin High School19903
Bill LeslieWinnipegMBGordon Bell High School19743
Dale WhitmoreSt. John'sNFPrince of Wales Collegiate1998HM
Michael ClaseSt-John'sNFMemorial University of Newfoundland19833
Arthur Paul SmithSt. John'sNFMemorial University of Newfoundland19812
Timothy KusalikHalifaxNSQueen Elizabeth High School2002HM
Steven ChowScarboroughONAlbert Campbell C.I.2018HM
Andrew DongGuelphONCentennial C. and V.I.2018HM
Howard HalimTorontoONUniversity of Toronto Schools20182
Victor RongTorontoONMarc Garneau C. I.20181
Scott XuWindsorONHon. Vincent Massey S.S.2018HM
William ZhaoRichmond HillONRichmond Hill High School20183
Zixiang ZhouLondonONUniversity Heights PS2018HM
Thomas GuoNorth YorkONOlympiads School20171
Michael LiTorontoONMarc Garneau C. I.2017HM
Victor RongTorontoONMarc Garneau C. I.20173
Jason YuenMarkhamONPierre Elliot Trudeau High2017HM
William ZhaoRichmond HillONRichmond Hill High2017HM
Thomas GuoNorth YorkONOlympiads School2016HM
Kai SunLondonONAB Lucas Secondary School20161
Ben WeiWaterlooONWaterloo Collegiate Institute2016HM
Yue WengUnionvilleONUnionville High School2016HM
William ZhaoRichmond HillONRichmond Hill High School20162
Kai SunLondonONA.B. Lucas Secondary School2015HM
Zhi Xue (Toby) ChenMarkhamONMarkville Secondary School2014HM
Xiaoze (Jerry) WuTorontoONMarc Garneau C.I.2014HM
Fei WuTorontoONUpper Canada College2014HM
Richard (Rongxin) DuTorontoONMarc Garneau Collegiate Institute2013HM
Jerry (Xiaoze) WuTorontoONMarc Garneau Collegiate Institute2013HM
Matthew BrennanTorontoONUpper Canada College2012HM
James RickardsOttawaONColonel By Secondary School2012HM
Alex SongWaterlooONPhillips Exeter Academy20122
Daniel SpivakThornhillONBayview Secondary School20123
Kevin ZhouMarkhamONWoburn Collegiate Institute20123
Matthew BrennanTorontoONUpper Canada College2011HM
Yuzhou ChenAgincourtONSir John A. Macdonald Collegiate Institute2011HM
Yi LiuTorontoONYork Mills Collegiate Institute2011HM
James RickardsGloucesterONColonel By Secondary School2011HM
Zhi Qiang LiuTorontoONDon Mills Collegiate Institute2010HM
James RickardsGreelyONColonel by Secondary School20102
Alex SongWindsorONVincent Massey Secondary School20101
Chen SunLondonONA.B. Lucas Secondary School2010HM
Jixuan WangTorontoONDon Mills Collegiate Institute2010HM
Jonathan ZungTorontoONUniversity of Toronto Schools20103
Ahmad AbdiTorontoONSabouhi Academy of Art & Design2009HM
Jonathan SchneiderTorontoONUniversity of Toronto Schools20091
Chen SunLondonONA.B. Lucas Secondary School2009HM
Dimitri DziabenkoTorontoONDon Mills Collegiate Institute2008HM
Yan (Cynthia) LiTorontoONDr. Norman Bethune Collegiate Institute20083
Jonathan SchneiderTorontoONUniversity of Toronto Schools20082
Chen SunLondonONA.B. Lucas Secondary School20081
Tianyao ZhangTorontoONSir John a. Macdonald Collegiate Institute2008HM
Jia GuoOshawaONO'Neill Collegiate and Vocational Institute2007HM
Kent HuynhTorontoONUniversity of Toronto Schools2007HM
Yan LiScarboroughONDr. Norman Bethune Collegiate Institute20071
Alexander RemorovNorth YorkONWilliam Mackenzie Collegiate Institute2007HM
Jonathan SchneiderTorontoONUniversity of Toronto Schools20072
Alan GuoOshawaONO'Neill Collegiate and Vocational Institute2006HM
Kent HuynhTorontoONUniversity of Toronto Schools2006HM
Viktoriya KrakovnaTorontoONVaughan Road Academy2006HM
Alexander RemorovWaterlooONWaterloo Collegiate Institute2006HM
Thomas TangNorth YorkONA.Y. Jackson Secondary School2006HM
Yufei ZhaoTorontoONDon Mills Collegiate Institute20062
Lin FeiDon MillsONDon Mills Collegiate Institute2005HM
Elyot GrantKitchenerONCameron Heights Collegiate Institute2005HM
Oleg IvriiDon MillsONDon Mills Collegiate Institute2005HM
Yang (Richard) PengTorontoONVaughan Road Academy20052
Peng ShiAgincourtONSir John A. MacDonald Collegiate Institute20051
Shaun WhiteWindsorONVincent Massey Secondary School2005HM
Yufei ZhaoDon MillsONDon Mills Collegiate Institute20053
Oleg IvriiDon MillsONDon Mills Collegiate Institute2004HM
János KramárTorontoONUniversity of Toronto Schools2004HM
Andrew MaoLondonONA.B. Lucas Secondary School2004HM
Richard PengTorontoONVaughan Road Academy2004HM
Peng ShiAgincourtONSir John A. MacDonald Collegiate Institute2004HM
Jacob TsimermanTorontoONUniversity of Toronto Schools20042
Yufei ZhaoDon MillsONDon Mills Collegiate Institute20041
Olena BormashenkoTorontoONDon Mills Collegiate Institute2003HM
Ali FeizmohammadiNorth YorkONNorthview Heights Secondary School2003HM
Ralph FurmaniakLondonONA.B. Lucas Secondary School2003HM
Tianyi HanTorontoONWoburn Collegiate Institute Toronto20032
Oleg IvriiDon MillsONDon Mills Collegiate Institute2003HM
János KramárTorontoONUniversity of Toronto Schools20031
Andrew MaoLondonONA.B. Lucas Secondary School2003HM
Jacob TsimermanTorontoONUniversity of Toronto Schools2003HM
Olena BormashenkoTorontoONDon Mills Collegiate Institute2002HM
Tianyi HanTorontoONWoburn Collegiate Institute20021
Xiaoxuan JinWindsorONVincent Massey Secondary School2002HM
Roger MongTorontoONDon Mills Collegiate Institute20022
Feng TianWindsorONVincent Massey Secondary School2002HM
Yang YangTorontoONDon Mills Collegiate Institute2002HM
Olena BormashenkoTorontoONDon Mills Collegiate Institute2001HM
Kenneth HoTorontoONDon Mills Collegiate Institute2001HM
Liang HongTorontoONUniversity of Toronto Schools2001HM
Roger MongTorontoONDon Mills Collegiate Institute20012
Dennis WeiTorontoONUniversity of Toronto Schools2001HM
Robert ZimanTorontoONWilliam Lyon MacKenzie Collegiate Institute2001HM
David ArthurTorontoONUpper Canada College20002
Keon ChoiNorth YorkONA.Y. Jackson Secondary School2000HM
Bogdan MoldovanNorth YorkONGeorge S. Henry Academy2000HM
Roger MongDon MillsONDon Mills Collegiate Institute2000HM
David PritchardScarboroughONWoburn Collegiate Institute20003
Adrian ChanTorontoONUpper Canada College19992
Edmond ChoiNorth YorkONA.Y. Jackson Secondary School1999HM
Jimmy ChuiNorth YorkONEarl Haig Secondary School19991
Jessica LeiWindsorONVincent Massey Secondary School1999HM
Dave NicholsonFenelon FallsONFenelon Falls Secondary School1999HM
David PritchardScarboroughONWoburn Collegiate Institute19993
Fahim AhmadMississaugaONThe Woodlands Secondary School1998HM
David ArthurTorontoONUpper Canada College1998HM
Adrian BirkaPort ColborneONLakeshore Catholic High School19982
Adrian ChanTorontoONUpper Canada College19981
Keon ChoiNorth YorkONA.Y. Jackson Secondary School1998HM
Jimmy ChuiNorth YorkONEarl Haig Secondary School19983
Chen HeHamiltonONColumbia International College1998HM
Xin HuangBramptonONCentral Peel Secondary School1998HM
Yin LeiWindsorONVincent Massey Secondary School1998HM
Adrian TangScarboroughONAlbert Campbell Collegiate Institute1998HM
Sabin CautisNorth YorkONEarl Haig Secondary School19971
Sabin CautisNorth YorkONEarl Haig Secondary School19963
Adrian ChanTorontoONUpper Canada College19963
Richard HoshinoTorontoONUniversity of Toronto Schools19962
Deepee KhoslaOttawaONLisgar Collegiate Institute19965
Ondrej LhotákBurlingtonONAldershot High School19963
Bhaskara MarthiOttawaONLisgar Collegiate Institute19965
Alan MartinGloucesterONGloucester High School19965
Michael TingOttawaONLisgar Collegiate Institute19965
Soroosh YazdaniNorth YorkONEarl Haig Secondary School19962
Sabin CautisNorth YorkONEarl Haig Secondary School19955
Adrian ChanTorontoONUpper Canada College19955
Richard HoshinoTorontoONUniversity of Toronto Schools19955
Cyrus Chen HsiaScarboroughONWoburn Collegiate Institute19954
Alyssa KerNorth YorkONYork Mills Collegiate Institute19952
Deepee KhoslaOttawaONLisgar Collegiate Institute19954
Howard FeldmanNorth YorkONEarl Haig Secondary School19945
Christopher I. HendrieOwen SoundONWest Hill Secondary School19945
Cyrus Chen HsiaScarboroughONWoburn Collegiate Institute19944
Alex IvriiTorontoONJarvis Collegiate Institute19945
Edward LeungTorontoONUniversity of Toronto Schools19942
Kevin PurbhooTorontoONNorthern Secondary School19941
Matthew SzczesnyMississaugaONLoyola Catholic Secondary School19945
Michael TingOttawaONLisgar Collegiate Institute19944
Brian C.Y. WongTorontoONLawrence Park Collegiate Institute19945
Alex LeeScarboroughONWexford Collegiate Institute19933
Edward LeungTorontoONUniversity of Toronto Schools19932
Naoki SatoTorontoONUniversity of Toronto Schools19931
Kevin King Hin CheungAgincourtONAgincourt Collegiate Institute19923
J.P. GrossmanTorontoONNorthern Secondary School19921
Eric LaiTorontoONThe Toronto French School19922
Ian GoldbergTorontoONUniversity of Toronto Schools19911
J.P. GrossmanTorontoONNorthern Secondary School19911
Adam Meredith LoganOttawaONLisgar Collegiate Institute19913
Ian GoldbergTorontoONUniversity of Toronto Schools19902
J.P. GrossmanTorontoONNorthern Secondary School19901
Eli Michael LapellScarboroughONWoburn Collegiate Institute19891
Chris SchachScarboroughONWoburn Collegiate Institute19893
Philip JongNorth YorkONEarl Haig Secondary School19883
Gurraj SanghaWindsorONHon.W.C. Kennedy Collegiate Institute19881
Colin M. SpringerWaterlooONWaterloo Collegiate Institute19872
Michael TylmanDownsviewONCommunity Hebrew Academy of Toronto19873
Ravi D. VakilEtobicokeONMartingrove Collegiate Institute19871
Rocky LeeScarboroughONWoburn Collegiate Institute19863
Ravi D. VakilEtobicokeONMartingrove Collegiate Institute19861
Moses Gabriel KleinTorontoONUniversity of Toronto Schools19852
Stephen Andrew SmithRichmond HillONLangstaff Secondary School19853
Frank D'IppolitoSudburyONLaSalle Secondary School19842
Mike MolloyMetcalfeONOsgoode Township High School19843
William James RucklidgeTorontoONToronto French School19831
Edward Douglas HattonPeterboroughONAdam Scott C.V.I.19823
Alastair RucklidgeTorontoONToronto French School19821
Charles S.A. TimarTorontoONUniversity of Toronto Schools19822
David Walter AshThunder BayONFort William Collegiate Institute19811
David Walter AshThunder BayONFort William Collegiate Institute19802
John James ChewTorontoONUniversity of Toronto Schools19801
David Walter AshThunder BayONFort William Collegiate Institute19792
William Ross BrownRockcliffe ParkONAshbury College19791
Peter E. JaySudburyONLoEllen Park Secondary School19793
Michael AlbertPenetanguisheneONPenetanguishene Secondary School19781
Peter BumbulisScarboroughONAlternate Scarborough Education19783
David YachCambridgeONGalt Collegiate Institute and Vocational School19782
Robert Alexander EwanKingstonONLoyalist C.V.I.19773
Pui Wing PongDon MillsONOverlea Secondary School19772
Igor E. RivinWindsorONVincent Massey Secondary School19771
Rajiv GuptaThunder BayONSir Winston Churchill C.V.I.19761
Oscar M. NierstraszTorontoONBloor Collegiate Institute19763
Art B. OwenOttawaONSir Robert Borden High School19763
James WilliamsOttawaONMerivale High School19751
Douglas StinsonGuelphONJohn F. Ross Collegiate19742
James WilliamsOttawaONMerivale High School19741
Allen A. McIntoshOttawaONGloucester High School19733
Mark S. BraderGuelphONJohn F. Ross C.V.I19722
Donald T. KerseyHamiltonONHill Park Secondary School19721
John R. LawsonBurlingtonONBurlington Central H.S.19723
Edward SevernScarboroughONCedarbrae Collegiate Inst.19713
Randolf W. FranklinOttawaONLisgar Collegiate19692
Daniel A. GautreauTorontoONUniversity of Toronto Schools19693
Karl A. StromSault Ste-MarieONSir James Dunn Secondary School19691
Qinyu CuiLa PrairieQCCollège Jean de la Mennais2016HM
Nikita LvovWestmountQCMarianopolis College2009HM
Gabriel Gauthier-ShalomMontrealQCMarianopolis College2004HM
Pierre LeVanHullQCPetit Séminaire de Québec1999HM
Yannick SolariLongueuilQCCollege Edouard Montpetit1999HM
Mihaela EnachescuMontrealQCDawson College19973
Mihaela EnachescuMontréalQCÉcole Secondaire St. Luc19964
Andrew ArchibaldVille St LaurentQCVanier College19953
Chritian HerlingWestmountQCDawson College19954
Frédéric LatourL'AssomptionQCCollège de l'Assomption19955
Howard LeungSt. LambertQCChamplain Regional College19955
Daniel HerlingWestmountQCDawson College19942
Christian HerlingMontrealQCDawson College19943
Wing Ho LeungLongueuilQCÉcole Secondaire Lemoyne d'Iberville19944
Minh Tue VoMontréalQCÉcole Secondaire St-Luc19851
Minh Tue VoMontréalQCÉcole Secondaire St-Luc19841
Martin PiotteMontrealQCCollege des Eudistes19832
Patrick SmithMontrealQCSnowdon Campus of Vanier College19762
Patrick SmithMontrealQCMonkland High School19751
Luc St. LouisMontréalQCCEGEP de Maisonneuve19731
Daniel ZhouSaskatoonSKCentennial Collegiate2017HM
Stanislav Michael ValnicekSaskatoonSKEvan Hardy Collegiate Institute19803
Alan ListoeSaskatoonSKAden Bowman Collegiate19731
Shawn EastwoodSingapore[SGP]Canadian International School20063
Thomas GuoExeter, NH[USA]Phillips Exeter Academy2018IHM
Bill QinAndover, MA[USA]Phillips Academy2018IHM
Nicholas SunNapierville, IL[USA]North Central Coll.2018IHM
Fred ZhangFalls Church, VA[USA]H W Longfellow Middle School2018IHM
Freddie ZhaoTroy, MI[USA]ICAE2018IHM
Wayne ZhaoHackensack, NJ[USA]Bergen County Academies2018IHM
Qi QiExeter, NH[USA]Phillips Exeter Academy2017IHM
Freddie ZhaoTroy, MI[USA]Indus Center for Academic Excellence (ICAE)2017IHM
Daniel GuoCupertino, CA[USA]Homestead High School2016IHM
Caleb JiRedmond, WA[USA]Bear Creek School2016IHM
Qi QiExeter, NH[USA]Phillips Exeter Academy2016IHM
Kevin SunExeter, NH[USA]Phillips Exeter Academy2016IHM
Nicholas SunExeter, NH[USA]Phillips Exeter Academy2016IHM
Kai Zhe ZhengPrinceton, NJ[USA]Stuart Academy2016IHM
Bill Yan HuangPrinceton, NJ[USA]Stuart Academy20153
Caleb JiRedmond, WA[USA]The Bear Creek School2015HM
Zhuoqun (Alex) SongExeter, NH[USA]Phillips Exeter Academy2015HM
Kevin C. SunExeter, NH[USA]Phillips Exeter Academy20152
Alexander WhatleySpring, TX[USA]North Huston Academy of Science and Mathematics20151
Vahid Fazel-RezaiExeter, NH[USA]Phillips Exeter Academy2014HM
Yan (Bill) HuangPrinceton Junction, NJ[USA]Stuart Academy2014HM
Caleb JiRedmond, WA[USA]The Bear Creek School20143
Zhuoqun (Alex) SongExeter, NH[USA]Phillips Exeter Academy20141
Kevin SunExeter, NH[USA]Phillips Exeter Academy20142
Nicholas SunLisle, IL[USA]Kennedy Jr. High2014HM
Calvin DengCary, NC[USA]NC School of Science and Math20131
John (Zhiyao) MaRedmond, WA[USA]Interlake High School2013HM
Alex (ZhuoQun) SongExeter, NH[USA]Phillips Exeter Academy20132
Kevin SunNaperville, IL[USA]Naperville Central High School20133
Alexander WhatleySpring, TX[USA]North Houston Academy2013HM
Calvin DengCary, NC[USA]NC School of Science and Math20121
John MaRedmond, WA[USA]Interlake High School2012HM
Kevin SunNaperville, IL[USA]Naperville Central High School2012HM
Alexander WhatleySpring, TX[USA]North Houston Academy2012HM
Calvin DengRaleigh, NC[USA]William G. Enloe High School20112
Alex SongBeverly Hills, MI[USA]Detroit Country Day Middle School20113
Neil GurramTroy, MI[USA]Indus Center for Academic Excellence2008HM

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